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 Going ham in: Castlevania Symphony of the Night

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Going ham in: Castlevania Symphony of the Night Empty
PostSubject: Going ham in: Castlevania Symphony of the Night   Going ham in: Castlevania Symphony of the Night Icon_minitimeWed Nov 06, 2013 1:26 pm

In prologue (where you are richter):
1) get the cross sub weapon
2) use it immediatly where you get it, a hidden staircase will drop down
3) go up it, there will be a light that you can break for a +5 heart, spam that room until 60 hearts (or as much as you want I guess)
4) (optional) continue up, there is a room with a bunch of items (I have no idea what you do with them as Richter cannot equip them and they are not in your inventory after you go to main game)
5) go back to the main room before Dracula, crouch right at the door before entering
6) while holding down, press the jump button, this will make richter slide across the room, press jump again almost immediatly to do a sliding jump kick thing (this step does nothing, it just looks so damn cool)
7) after dracula and richter's dialogue, immediatly get the holy water
Cool as soon as dracula appears, use the special version of holy water (y button for x-box default controls), this will drop Dracula's health by about 1/2 and cost 15 hearts (hence the earlier heart spam)
9) repeat once more to knock off duracula's first health bar, and twice after that to defeat him
10) congrats, you defeated prolouge Dracula without being touched in only about 4 hits! Enjoy your achievenent and bonus items & such

bonus info:
Richter has a shoryuken (down, up, jump), it goes all the way to the cieling in most cases. an easy way to avoid damage if you play main game as richter (name your save profile/name/thing richter after beating the game once)

(in reverse castle):
1) go to reverse library
2) find a hall with a "schmoo"
3) kill and see if it dropped anything
4) if not, leave and re-enter, rinse and repeat
5) continue untill it drops a Crissagrim
7) you now have the best sword in the game, it may not have the best attack, but a single attack hits ~7 times, and therefor has godlike damage
Cool you can now easily defeat the final boss (once again dracula) in under a minute
9) if you want levels (for you and your firmiliar equiped at the time), then go fight the hall with the guardians. just run up and spam attack, they will spend all time blocking and not attacking a single time, and so they will fall without a mess (and if you're lucky, they will drop one of the best base armors in the game)

(I can't remember where you get these but... Very Happy)
1) get shield rod
2) get alucard shield
3) equip both
4) press both attacks (or I guess, both sword and shield buttons) at same time
5) your shield is now transphormed into a life/heart stealing weapon, just walk up to an enemy with your shield out and they will die about instantly (It just won't level your firmiliar I believe)
6) need heath and hearts quick? just go to one of those indestructable skeleton heads floating around and use the rod/shield combo and touch the skeleton head with the shield, you get a literal stream of hearts gained and health regain
7) also, you get invincability frams when the shield hits something, so feel free to just run across the room laughing at everything being destroyed at your touch
Cool only downside is that it cost mana to use this, but that isn't a problem in higher levels as there isn't really anything tough enough to last against the shield and make even a minor dent in your mana, and I don't think this method of easy victory gets any exp for your firmiliar and trust me, the most useful firmiiar (the sword card) is useless without levels in it
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Going ham in: Castlevania Symphony of the Night Empty
PostSubject: Re: Going ham in: Castlevania Symphony of the Night   Going ham in: Castlevania Symphony of the Night Icon_minitimeWed Nov 06, 2013 1:29 pm

we need a castlevania subforum
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Going ham in: Castlevania Symphony of the Night
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