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 Cipher Peons

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Emperor of the Multiverse

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PostSubject: Cipher Peons   Fri Feb 28, 2014 11:05 pm

Race: Human
Rank: Grunt
Class: Pokemon Trainer
Battle Theme:


2-5 Pokemon: All grunts carry at least two pokemon with them. The grunts has been taught to have diversity in their teams, so not every grunt will have similar teams.
Stun Gun: All grunts carry a stun gun for self defense when ordered not to kill.
Handgun: All grunts carry a standard issue pistol for when the situation calls for it.

Notes: These grunts of the Cipher Syndicate do not typically have any special characteristics like superpowers or anything like that. These are simple humans with basic combat ability, though quite a few of them are good with disguises. Matching the personality of those they are disguising as though is another story. The grunts that make up the organization come from all over the multiverse and for different motives. Some grunts are entirely selfish and only in it for the paycheck and possibility of earning a near eternal life thanks to Aperture Innovations. Others have families to think of. Many were integrated into the organization after an invasion of their homeworld. Some were with the Syndicate since the days of Team Miror and were granted extended lives for their loyalty. Things like personality and loyalty vary between the grunts.

Here's a link to my bios.
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Cipher Peons
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