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 Scerecian Timeline by Eras

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Quis Sum
Quis Sum

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PostSubject: Scerecian Timeline by Eras   Wed Apr 02, 2014 9:00 pm

Era 1) Migration of Ul Tribe to Eastern Scerect.
Events concerning Helos that lead to the foundation of the Fralian Dracoknights and the union of Nerada Sigil-born races and man.
The Taliv Sorceror Faras reaches into the Disexistence and accidentally creates a lingering path from Disexistence to Scerect. Conceptual Demons lie in wait. Faras is slain by Nova and Comet Avoire as retribution for slain family and general crimes.
First Abomination ORIGIN appears in Scerect and is destroyed by Helos. Helos dies three years afterwards.

Era 2) Guardians are created in response to Conceptual Demon proximity. Oh, Conceptual Demon of Nothingness, attempts to penetrate into Scerecian dimension. Atta Noon, Guardian of Balance, and Morgan Avoire, daughter of Comet Avoire, venture into the rift created by Oh on Mount Brynsius(tallest mountain, Northern Scerect) to seal it away. Morgan's tome is the receptacle, and becomes the Book of Naught. The Book is sealed deep under the site that would become Crosine in Era 3. Atta Noon is destroyed, his existence unraveled and scattered. ARK is founded.

Era 3) Kingdom is found on what will be Crosinian soil(Central Scerect). Tyrenian, the reincarnation of Atta Noon's ethos and darker ego is a citizen. Events that lead up to the insurrection of the kingdom, the fusion of Sorceror Thomas and the Book of Naught, creating the Velz phenomena, and the creation of Feudal Crosine. The Book is frozen inside a glacier upon Mount Brynsius.

Era 4) Reincarnation of Atta Noon's pathos and ethos as Ryel Havidar. Events that create intracontinental connections(many dangerous creatures wiped off map), and the Velz phenomena manifests as a being of darkness known as Velzavana. The phenomena draws the Velz fragment back to the book, and Ryel combats the transmogrified fragment.(Fragment retained a variation of Thomas' original personality beforehand) The impact from a desperate Source Channel shatters the glacier, and the Book travels to a small village behind the mountain.

Era 5) Reincarnation of Atta Noon's logos, pathos, and ethos as Price Greenfield, an heir to a feudal clan in Crosine. The central Abomination events occur, with the destruction of many Abominations. Oh breaks seal completely, but is still held back by Thomas' remnant. Oh is destroyed by Price at the cost of his life. Over the course of the events, Aldrean makes large advancements in technology, gaining much power. Recovery of Greenfield house begins by way of arranged marriage between Jervan Greenfield(brother to Price) and Kaarme, providing much economic support.

Era 6) Noon is finally fully reincarnated as Noon Greenfield. Greenfield house is rising in power, and supports much of Crosine. Lao's events are here, ending with the obliteration of Oh's remnants. Second occurence of Velz phenomena, in the form of Velzori, who supports Lao. After the events, the Guardians disappear, no longer being required to support the world. ARK begins to gain power.

Era 7) Lao's children and Trais, along with a certain observer's form travel to figure out the source behind a series of magical disasters. They destroy the final Abomination, APOPTOSIS. Trais perishes after the battle.

Era Cool ARK allies with Aldrean and gains their technology. Widget, the first android with a basic personality is created. Widget is used to eliminate threats much like Ryel did, and for some political espionage with the Eastern powers.

Era 9) ARK completely conquers the Western power, and Widget defects from ARK along with his creator, Professor Jukian(Jooky) Avoire.

Era 10) ARK conquers the North and South, leaving only the East. Widget, having absorbed an artifact that grants him incredible foresight, decides to support the East. Jukian has long since been forcefully transported to another world by an artifact from Era 3. Widget slays a major threat in the East, the Eastern God Drake, allowing more of the Eastern area to communicate. They become able to resist ARK completely.

Era 11) A treaty is formed between the East and ARK, forming the beginnings of the ARK and Shuga Dynasties.

Era 12) Technology rapidly improves globally. Many new dynasties are formed from the economic politics now dominating Scerect.

Era 13) Proscorp gains power and annihilates ARK and many other dynasties. Takes the dominant position as the strongest dynasty. The entire world is urbanized, creating Brick City.

Era 14) Proscorp gains complete power after annihilating Gallo, Karnin, and Shuga. The Golden Day events occur. Proscorp loses much territory, and is split into many new dynasties, including New Crosine.

Era 15) A new collection of Guardians is created, including Vrah. New Crosine gains power.

Era 16) The Neo-Scerecian Era begins.

If any terms need to be defined, or events explained, or even just simple elaboration, please do let me know.
This is in fact the complete history of Scerect so far.


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Quis Sum
Quis Sum

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PostSubject: Re: Scerecian Timeline by Eras   Wed Apr 09, 2014 11:16 am

Source: The energy called magic, it stems from the divine realm.
Disexistence: A sort of nothingness in between the fibers of the world, it is home to the five Conceptual Demons.
Conceptual Demons: Six demons that represent the constants of the universe. (Nothing, Matter, Death, Energy, Time)
Gifts: Special powers possessed by each individual belonging to Watcher-blessed races.
Watcher-blessed: Humans, Taliv, Grilod, Jeirugi.

Fralian Dracoknights: A short-lived order of knights sworn to serve the people that needed them. They performed various kinds of duties, not always acts of battle, some being simple searches or even civil duties. Founded by Helos Ul-Arao. Faded out slowly after being essentially dismantled by demonic assailants.
ARK: An organization dedicated to preserving humanity's existence, they have mostly military principles. They collect artifacts, perform civic duties, and other such tasks....but only for the human race. Over the eras, they have gained immense power, and became the original Dynasty.
Truthseekers: An organization hailed as the spritual successor to the Fralian Dracoknights. An offshoot of ARK, they became disillusioned with the intolerant ideals of the society, and decided to find their own way. They found a home in Eastern Scerect, becoming part of the Shuga Dynasty.
Aldrean Technological Organization(ATO): The scientist community in Aldrean dedicated to making advances in technology. Acquired by ARK in ERA 8.

(Races other than humans were born of a phenomena called the Nerada Pattern, literally an area of chaos that disappeared after the creation of dragokin)
Jeirugi: A humanoid race with large ears and beaks, as well as body fur. They also possess large peacock-like tail feathers, and indeed, these are used as measures of beauty. They are physically strong, but weak magically.
Grilod: A race resembling bipedal lizards or crocodiles, some have fins or crests, but are otherwise walking reptiles. Strong magically, and sometimes very religious. Occasionally spawn rare specimens that greatly resemble dragons, with wings and horns.
Dragonkin: The last race born of the Pattern, they are humans with draconic features, such as scales, horns, tails, wings, etc. Often come into conflict with other races due to a haughty nature.
Taliv: Said to be the original race, they possess great power and 'subgifts.'

---Significant Specifics---

-Helos and Ul Tribe migrate to Scerect
-Helos founds the Fralian Dracoknights
-Meets Clarisse Hevis, a dragonkin representative through work as a hired sword. He is meant to protect her as she travels to a delegation between Aldrean and the dragonkin tribes in order to establish friendly relations. After a series of events of varying emotions, she becomes h
-Faras, a Taliv sorceror, kills Comet Avoire and steals an artifact created by Nova Avoire in order to enhance his power. He uses his power to peer into Disexistence, which creates a channel for the Conceptual Demons to enter Scerect. He is later slain by (a reanimated) Comet, Nova, and Comet's daughter Morgan.
-Helos destroys the Abomination ORIGIN, the first effect of the Disexistence on Scerecian space-time. He perishes three years afterwards from a wound sustained.

-The first Guardians are created as a defense response against Disexistence.
-Oh (Conceptual Demon of Nothing) penetrates into Scerecian space-time, creating the Rend. Atta Noon ventures in, with Morgan following, to eliminate it. The other five Guardians become occupied with eliminating the various Abominations caused by Oh's presence.
-Atta Noon sacrifices himself to seal Oh into Morgan's Deleo tome.
-Morgan returns to a domestic life.
-ARK is created from a dissent towards the Guardians, believing them insufficient.

-The Cross Kingdom is founded in Central Scerect.
-Tyrenian, reincarnation of Noon's ethos and darker psyche, is born as a citizen to a middleclass family.
-He is arrested on false charges and placed into employ as King Atakin's slave assassin. Eventually he breaks free to help spearhead a rebellion led by Bridget Avoire and supported by ARK, but eventually breaks away from that as well to pursue a greater threat.
-Thomas, a powerful magician, attempts to unlock the Book of Naught, and becomes corrupted by it. He attempts to return the sealed Oh to Disexistence so it can recuperate, but is slain by Tyrenian. The book is ignored mostly, and is left on the summit on Mount Brynsius, the site of the Rend.
-Tyrenian dies of old age several decades later.
-The Feudal Kingdom of Crosine is established after the rebellion.

-Ryel, a reincarnation of Noon's pathos and ethos, with pathos dominant, and his grey psyche, is born as an orphan of a noble house. He joins a new order called the Truthseekers, a former branch of ARK that broke away.
-Ryel makes several allies, and works in conjunction with the Truthseekers to make it safer to travel between cities on the Scerecian continent.
-Over the course of these events, several allies perish, leaving only Ryel's fiancee, Shell, and her brother, Call.
-Ryel breaks away when the Truthseekers attempt to destroy the fragment Velzavana in its dormant state, considering the odd shadow a friend. The fragment flees to the site of the Rend, and the remaining allies pursue. Shell is killed by Taylor Camaxi.
-The reawakened fragment Velzavana is destroyed by Ryel, though Call is slain. The impact from the Source Channel used, 'One Blade To End', shatters the glacier that held the Book.
-Ryel dies peacefully at a grave site dedicated to the allies.

-Price Greenfield, the reincarnation of Noon's ethos, pathos, and mostly logos, as well as his brighter psyche, is born as the first son of the Crosinian house, Greenfield.
-The dramatic separation of Oh from its site creates several Abominations, such as MUTE, ARAGAMI, and TOXIN.
-Four allies, Price, his brother Jervan, their Jeirugi guard Nebu, and a female Grilod sealed in time who possesses the power of shadow named Lori. Seymour Avoire assists the group, providing them connections with town administrations and whatnot so they can receive supplies.
-Many Abominations are destroyed.
-The Rend reopens after a young adult corrupted by the Book brings it to the summit.
-Price enters the Rend, and, regaining the power held by the original Noon, shatters Oh at the cost of his life.
-Jervan enters an arranged marriage with a certain Lamia merchant they associated with on their travels, Kaarme, to help finance the reconstruction of House Greenfield.
-Aldrean makes many massive advancement in technology, and gains much power.

-Noon Greenfield, the full reincarnation of Atta Noon, is created.
-Greenfield House essentially becomes democratic rulers of Crosine.
-The Devil's Facade becomes a vessel for a remnant of Oh.
-Velzori is created, the second occurence of the Velz phenomena. It becomes an ally during Lao's travels.
Lao, with the assistance of a certain god's avatar, Colm, obliterates the fragment, and subsequently, is forced to destroy Velzori as well. Oh is fully destroyed.
-The Guardians are no longer required, and depart for another existence. The Watcher also leaves.

-Drayce and Desna, Lao's two children, investigate the causes of several magical disasters wreaking havoc out of curiosity.
-The cause turns out to be residual remnants of Oh, creating magical backlash. The backlash soon turns into miniature versions of the Rend, and the siblings, as well as an older Trais, dive into several to quell them.
-Abomination APOPTOSIS appears, and is destroyed. Trais perishes after its defeat.
-The Rhyus family slowly fades into the background through the generations. They are unfortunately one of many families ousted from their homes by the ARK conquest.

-ARK signs a cooperation treaty with Aldrean, geared heavily in ARK's favor.
-First robot with a mind created by Prof Jukian Avoire, named Widget. It is used for a variety of purposes deemed too dangerous for standard operatives.
-Political warfare begins between ARK and the Eastern Area(Truthseekers are part of the East in between 7 and Cool

-ARK completely conquers Western Scerect.
-Widget, Prof Avoire, and another artificial being created from the Artifact Life Creator: Servant, Syntax, defect from ARK due to corruption.
-The small group continues to perform similar tasks to before, but are slowly trying to gain enough strength to disrupt ARK.
-Prof Avoire is affected by an unstable artifact, and is wrenched out of Scerecian space-time to an unknown dimension.

-Widget is affected by an artifact, granting him preternatural foresight, allowing him to predict outcomes nearly ten years ahead with stunning accuracy.
-ARK conquers Northern and Southern Scerect.
-What's left of the small Avoire resistance attempts to make a stand with Central Scerect, with Crosine's support, but fails. They flee to Eastern Scerect.
-Widget slays the Eastern God Drake, allowing Eastern Scerect to pull their resources together to face ARK. Widget is destroyed in the process. Jukian Avoire's sibling, Juniar Avoire, is a major figure.

-ARK and Eastern Scerect sign a peace treaty. Eastern Scerect unifies for the first time, creating the Shuga state.

-Technology has rapidly developed.
-Politics and territory become dictated by economic wealth, and states are ruled by merchant Dynasties.
-Several new dynasties are created, including Gallo and Karnin. Proscorp forms in the South.

-Proscorp gains immense power.
-Proscorp annihilates the ARK dynasty and several associates, taking the position of the most powerful dynasty.
-Entire continent is now urbanized or suburbanized, creating the metropolis of vast proportions now known as Brick City, split into districts owned by the Dynasties.

-Reaper system is established, Reapers being gifted individuals who act as servants to the Dynasts.
-Proscorp destroys the three remaining major dynasties, Karnin, Gallo, and Shuga.
-The Reaper Dhaein Camaxi attempts to initiate Golden Day by bringing Pazhou (Conceptual Demon of Death) into the world. Slain by Reaper Vrah Diabol.
-Proscorp plunges into turmoil after the death of Dynast Kibring. Splits into many new dynasties, including New Crosine, supported by many of the old Reapers.
-Reaper system abolished.

-Guardians return, selected from the ranks of the former Reapers. Also marks the first time Guardians have ever participated in marriage.
-New Crosine becomes the dominant dynasty, but only due to alliances. It supports other dynasties to keep all equal. Specialization between the dynasties is once again the norm.

-With the old nations essentially rebirthed, the age of Neo-Scerect begins.


What do you think of the planetarium?
That beautiful twinkling of eternity that will never fade, no matter what.
All of the stars in all of the skies are waiting for you.

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Scerecian Timeline by Eras
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