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 Scerecian Terminology

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PostSubject: Scerecian Terminology   Thu Apr 17, 2014 1:24 pm


Abomination: Powerful fiends created by the clashing between Prime existence and Disexistence. The first was ORIGIN, and the last was APOPTOSIS. Not controlled by the Conceptual Demons, they are simply fueled by destruction, with the exception of ZERO and HUSK.
Abomination ARAGAMI: An Abomination that appeared in Era 5, it is responsible for the destruction of the Greenfield Estate and for Garagin Greenfield's death.
Abomination HUSK: The unfortunate fate of Shell Numidi, who Ryel Havidar called 'partner'.
Aldrean: The technological center of the world. Operating under a council-based government, they focused on developing new technology in order to assist the world. They were acquired by ARK in Era 8, and were turned towards mostly military technology. Became the Karnin Dynasty in Era 12.
ARK: An organization that believes in the continued prosperity and survival of humankind. A military-centric organization, however, their activities range from political to civil to conquest. Became the first Dynasty in Era 11, but was annihilated by Proscorp.
Their central belief is similar to the Great Flood of biblical fame, but instead, is a flood over time. "Time eats away at all things, and only by sailing along the tides will one survive."
Avoire Family: A line that started in Era 1, with Comet and Nova Avoire. Is somewhat famous for behind-the-scenes heroes, such as Morgan Avoire, who provided the receptacle that Atta Noon sealed Oh inside, and Seymour Avoire, who provided much support for the Greenfield brothers. Others are Bridget Avoire, who helped overthrow the Fuera Kingdom, establishing Crosine, Gez Blackblade, the sole survivor of Ryel Havidar's group during Era 3, Jukian and Dareas Avoire, scientists who both opposed ARK at one point in Era 10.
Book of Naught: The tome formerly owned by Morgan that Oh was sealed inside of. Originally owned by Faras, the Taliv sorcerer who accidentally created the Grey Rend. It became consumed by Oh, and despite being severely weakened, possesses enormous power. Transformed into a dragon-like creature with a grey-skinned Taliv avatar during its final battle against Price Greenfield in Era 5. Spawned the Velz Phenomena.
Brick City: The first urban area of the Dynasty Eras. It is the most sprawling metropolis on the Continent, and is centered around Aldrean. Quickly expanded during Era 14 when Proscorp gained the territory, and its urban sprawl now covers the entire continent.
Brynsius: The largest mountain in Scerect, it is in the northernmost region of Scerect. The summit is the site of the Grey Rend. Often a religious symbol as the throne of the All-Eye or Mylisu.
Camaxi Family: Almost a counterpart to the Avoires, it is also a line that extends from Era 1 all the way to the Dynasty Eras. The first significant figure was Kiyori Camaxi, who was a member of Ryel's party. The next was Taylor Camaxi, a warrior who considered Price Greenfield his eternal rival after a run-in during a feudal war. Drolin Camaxi was a high-ranking member of the Wretched 017th, and stood in Prof. Avoire's way many times during his resistance. Was notably the one who won Crosine for ARK by slaying Jukian Avoire and Syntax. Dhaein Camaxi is a native of the Gallo Dynasty, and became a Reaper. He also initiated Golden Day.
Chrono: The Conceptual Demon of Time, not much is known about Chrono, aside from that it has a rather peaceful existence and motive compared to, say, Sram. It merely wishes to observe and record the universe as its purpose.
Crosine: A large city in Central Scerect. Governed by multiple houses, usually in monarchies. Has been a trade center of the continent ever since the days of the Fuera Kingdom. It became the final front of Prof. Avoire's resistance against ARK's conquest of the world in Era 10. It disappeared afterwards, but became the site of the New Crosinian Dynasty in Era 14.
Disexistence: It can only be described as a fold within the universe, it is a forgotten area of existence that has slowly metamorphosized into something bizarre and paradoxical. The Conceptual Demons came from this fold, prisoners of the insanity. They desired to exist outside of the fold, and tried to penetrate into Scerecian Spacetime. They each succeeded once, but suffered varying fates.
Dragonkin: A race that greatly resembles humans, but with wings, tails, and areas covered by scales. They are physically and mentally similar to humans, but tend to be extremely prideful. Lived separate from all races during Era 1, but the marriage between Helos Ul-Arao and Clarisse Hevis brings the races closer together. Since then, Dragonkin have become a common site, especially in Northern Scerect. There are as many variations of Dragonkin as there are dragons in Scerect.
Faras: A Taliv sorceror with the Gift OCULAR, he is responsible for the Conceptual Demons becoming capable of entering Scerect when he attempted to look into Disexistence. He had to accrue the power to do this with various unnatural acts, and in the end, was slain by Morgan Avoire for his crimes.
Fralian Dracoknights: Called such because they formed in Fralia, which is the ancient Taliv name for the most fertile area of Eastern Scerect. They were formed by Helos Ul-Arao before he married Clarisse Hevis, and consisted of six members of various races and nationalities. They were short-lived, but laid the foundations for such organizations as ARK and the Truthseekers.
Gifts: Most beings in Scerect are born with a particular talent that identifies and nurtures them. Always spelled in all caps, and are almost always adjectives. Examples include Helos' DRACONIC and Trais' SABLE, though he was not born with that. Only humans, Jeirugi, Grilod, some Dragonkin, and Taliv possess gifts.
Golden Day: An event concering the Conceptual Demons that happened in Era 14. Dhaein Camaxi, a Reaper whose mind was twisted by the razing of his home, attempted to create a gate for Pazhou to enter the world, in the form of the Golden Angel. Pazhou was stopped and repelled by Vrah Diabol, at the cost of many lives. About 3 million people died during this event from trauma caused by their souls exiting their body.
Greenfield Estate: A powerful house in the Crosinian area, they are known for extremely productive agriculture, supplying most of the food for Crosine. They were destroyed by an Abomination, with much of the estate ruined and the head, Garagin, killed. His sons Price and Jervan took up slaying the Abominations. Recreated through an arranged marriage between Kaarme and Jervan after Price died.
Grilod: A race that resembles upright dragons or large reptiles, they have frills and flappy ears. Some do not possess tails. They are often very pious, and have strong magical ability. Often flaunt their 'superiority' over Dragonkin.
Grilod(Rare): Occasionally a Grilod is born that possesses the traits of a true dragon, such as wings and a breath weapon. Lao is one such example.
Guardians: Seven beings created after the appearance of Abomination ORIGIN as a response to the attempted invasion of the Conceptual Demons. They reincarnate upon death. The elements they represent are: Fire, Water, Wind, Ice, Darkness, Light, and Balance.
Jeirugi: A race that has a body covered entirely by fur. This fur is actually incredibly small feathers, and indeed, they have beaks, large eyes, and tail plumage. They also have large, bat-like ears, and clawed feet. They are physically powerful, but weak in magical power. They easily blend in with other races, due to a casual nature.
Ketoule: The Conceptual Demon of Energy, it possesses infinite energy as its name would suggest.
Nerada Pattern: A phenomena spoken of in myth, it is said to be the origin of all nonhuman races and beasts. In actuality, it was simply a glyph that covered much of Central Scerect, and caused mutations in native life, creating new species.
New Crosine: A dynasty formed after the dissolution of Proscorp, it greatly resembles the Crosine of old, with status measured in property owned. Regulations prevent oppression of owned property.
New Guardians: Six new guardians chosen from the ranks of Reapers after the events of Golden Day. They no longer represent elements.
Oculism: A religion based around the idea that a god or pantheon of gods observe the world, a world of their creation. Whether or not the gods influence the world depends on the sect.
Oculism, Mylisan Faith: A branch of Oculism centered around the Dragon God, Mylisu, and its pantheon of nature-related deities. Emphasizes honor, courage, and philanthropy. A popular choice among knights. Became a popular faith mainly due to Helos Ul-Arao, who was a devout follower.
Oculism, Orthodox Oculism: A branch of Oculism that believes in one god, the All-Eye. Emphasizes piety, devotion, and loyalty. One of the most popular faiths, and is the major religion in Central Scerect. The faith followed by ARK.
Oculism, Polytheistic Oculism: A branch of Oculism that believes in the existence of multiple observing gods, each representing and taking charge of an element of existence. Emphasizes tradition, respect, and harmony. The major religion in Eastern Scerect and of the Shuga Dynasty. The religion faded away with the destruction of the Shuga.
Oh: The Conceptual Demon of Nothingness, it is the hardest Demon to understand. It can return all to nothingness, but its unstable nature makes it very unpredictable and fickle.
Pazhou: The Conceptual Demon of Death. It attempted to breach Scerecian spacetime in Era 14. It was stopped by a Reaper named Vrah Diabol, and after losing some of its power, became subject to a third Velz Phenomena, becoming Velzhou, 'Without Death'.
Proscorp: A 'sleeper' dynasty formed of an ARK branch that split during Era 9. They rose up and dethroned ARK in Era 13, becoming the dominant dynasty. Dissolved after the events of Golden Day.
Reapers: A system used in the Dynasty eras, reapers are powerful warriors under employ of the dynasts. They are used for any purpose required of them. System was abolished in Era 14.
Source: The origins of all things in Scerect, it is the fuel of magic and what holds Scerect aloft in the universe.
Sram: The Conceptual Demon of Matter, it possesses the ability to manipulate all matters.
Taliv: An ancient race said to exist before Scerect. They possess great power, and look nearly identical to humans. Glowing seals manifest on their foreheads at age 20, showing their heritage. They can live to immense ages. Said to have died out in Era 5.
Truthseekers: A branch of ARK that split off during Era 4. They became disillusioned in what ARK preached, and sought a more egalitarian and tolerant philosophy. Later became the Shuga Dynasty in Eastern Scerect.
Ul Tribe: A foreign populace who came to Scerect in the first era. Nomadic, agnostic, and only caring about themselves due to the trials of their homeland. They hsve been a nuisance until their fading out in Era 3.
Velz Phenomena: A manifestation of the persona of Thomas, who fused with the book during Era 3. His attempts to break free created shadowy beings made of inky darkness, which possessed certain aspects of his personality. The only two recorded are Velzavana, 'Without Reason', Velzori, 'Without Sense', Velzhou, 'Without Death'.
Western Scerect:

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Scerecian Terminology
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