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 Significant Scerecians

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Quis Sum
Quis Sum

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PostSubject: Significant Scerecians   Thu May 01, 2014 11:39 am

Era 1
Helios Ul-Arao:
Clarisse Hevis:
Duke James Reinold:

Comet Avoire:
Nova Avoire:

Era 2
Atta Noon:
Morgan Avoire:
Navigator Edward Livin
Era 3
Tyrenian Hullakus:
King Atakin Hirul:
Bridget Avoire:
Thomas Chora:
Era 4
Ryel Havidar:
Gez 'Blackblade' Avoire:

Shell Numidi:
Call Numidi:
Mika De'kerati:

Guy Beowulf:
Dirk Ajin'tero:
Kiyori Camaxi:
General Raphael Livin
Era 5
Price Greenfield:
Jervan Greenfield:
Garagin Greenfield:
Nebula Ghilli:

Gall Carison:

Seymour Avoire:
Taylor Camaxi:


What do you think of the planetarium?
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Significant Scerecians
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