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 The Masked Man

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PostSubject: The Masked Man   The Masked Man Icon_minitimeTue Nov 25, 2014 9:38 pm

The Masked Man:
Name: Unknown
Alias: Masked Man
Age: Unknown
Race: Unknown
Allegiance: Unknown
Height: 6ft
Weight: Unknown
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Unknown
Class: Spellsword

Masked Man Encounter:

Testing the Enemy:

Decisive Battle Against The Masked Man:

The Masked Man is a total mystery each way you look at him, even to his own soldiers. No one even knows where his loyalty lies, or if he even takes orders from anyone at all. For all anyone knows, he's an independent power. He never takes off his mask or even his armor in front of anyone. When asked about his past or appearance, he shrugs the question off and ignores you. Not because he expressly wishes to keep it a secret, he's just uninterested. He has no interest at all in his appearance or his past. He claims such trivial things only serve to get in one's way, and will even go so far as to encourage his enemies to forget their own pasts in the hopes that they become stronger for it. His only interests are battle and worthy opponents. He will take an active interest in skilled warriors and get in their way to test their abilities, though he will usually let them live to fight another day. To most, he is a cold individual with no trace of humanity. Many question if he's human at all.

Swords: The Masked Man has a collection of swords he can seemingly pull out of nowhere. His collection ranges from a normal one handed steel sword to a deadly enchanted two handed blade that sucks the life force out of his opponents, and many things in between.

The Masked Man is well versed in the art of swordsmanship and is a deadly opponent in one on one combat. He can however get overwhelmed if multiple people join in, and that's when he relies on his magic. He can enhance his sword strikes with elemental powers, including but not limited to fire and lightning.

When disarmed, he focuses entirely on his magical abilities. He can lob large fireballs and hurl spears of ice at opponents with ease. He also comes equipped with dark magic, allowing him to heal off damage based on how much he deals to his opponents. Or he can sacrifice his own stamina to better exhaust the stamina of his opponents.

His magic does however have its limits. He must draw on his own pool of magical energy within himself. If that pool is depleted, he must switch to one of his blades and wait for his magic to recharge. Alternatively, he can attempt to suck the magical energy out of an opponent. Though the opponent must actually have magical energy to suck out, and he needs to have them in a firm physical hold to pull it off.

Here's a link to my bios.
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The Masked Man
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