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 Current plans for Adonia characters

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PostSubject: Current plans for Adonia characters   Sun Jan 18, 2015 6:02 am

First topic message reminder :

This is not complete. In the slightest.  A lot of things are still up in the air for one reason or another, and I'm excluding those things until they are more properly discussed with those who are involved.  If you are concerned about someone you don't see on this list. Well. They're more than likely in, in some way. Just, that way is of yet not decided enough for me to put down details.

That said, some of these are just on me, or have been sorted fully, so I can go into them in all the detail I currently have.

Malphas Rideps
Married to Morgan, raised Amelia without time travel. Living location? Currently unknown. Occupation? Traveling Necromancer. Still posesses Ouroboros, though it has been passed down so it's negative effects have been made much stronger.

Amelia Rideps(-Gavin?)
Still largely the same in character.  Abilities, possibly not. May have access to magic now. Scheherazade still exists, her other weapons do not. It may be rebalanced.  Still with her darling Akari, who she lives with.  Due to the lack of video games, her button collection is much larger.  Still terrified of ducks.

Yánshí Guī
Still serving Malphas, and even with backstory changes, she is much the same. In character, at least. Having been made by one of his ancestors long ago, she's fairly experienced in all of her duties.  Her manner of raising is not quite conventional, and explains her situation.  As for skills, I'm fusing her original fighting style and Feng's a bit. She'll be a spellblade with magic talismans of varying effects. Wardings are her most common.

Fēng Qǐzhòngjī
No longer exists.

Johannes "Space Core" Copernicus
No longer cyborg or extremely old. Still with Sumia. Does or will run an orphanage.  Still has that Sanosuke strength, though not going to be breaking any robots with bare fists.  Astrologer. Some other things that I need to sit down and organize in my head and put down somewhere.

Still exists. Exact details not really sorted yet. Now serving her original role of Angel of Wrath.

Changed to be Rebecca's younger sister, a fledgling guardian angel. Details are a secret for now.


Unique. Still a great smith, still with Ambrosia. Not so divine. Shapeshifter, but not in the same formless-mass style. Lives on a mountain, deep in a thick bamboo forest, tests those who wish for him to make something for them even though getting to him through said forest is a test in itself.

Yorick Inverness
Gunsmith and Goldsmith. Has a happy life with Ally. This time around, Vrah (Gul'ka) was her apprentice, rather than being Vrah's apprentice's apprentice. Other details yet to be discussed. Also, because lack of the depressing past, she's not even going to put on a serious front. The most serious she gets will be when she is teaching... And still cracking jokes.

Carn Inverness
Ex-Pirate King, sanctioned by the king/admiral in his navy.  Retired after many years of work, having met his wife, lost an arm, and raised children.

Romeo Inverness
Existence on the fence along with Ophelia's.

Lyra Inverness
Pirate Queen, sanctioned by the King of Drachurst. Rules Monteport with an iron fist, punishes all lawbreakers within the walls of the city personally along with her first mate Georgia. Runs a tight ship. A spotless, tight ship.

Wilhelmina Nigma
Needs to be discussed. Last I heard Lana is keeping Meenie and Mina will still be with her. But she's changed some other plans since then, so I am unsure.

Similar situation to Mina.  Would obviously be very different in ability, but not in personality.

Gone. Doesn't fit. Goliath too OP.

Susan Ornitinier???-Elias
Childhood sweetheart of July, childhood friend of Cynthia, etc etc. Details still somewhat wishy-washy. Runs clinic, of course.

Now Alex's twin brother, from a previous relationship Susan had while July was missing.

Isaac N. Tonne
Status undecided.  May work his backstory into the lore of Adonia and make him an NPC. Power change status unknown, if so.

Clarise Ul-Arao
She exists but beyond that, still thinking of plans for her.

No reason to exist.

Depends on if Hades will be used as a location at any point. Will still be likely mentioned by the Kazamatsuri sisters even if not existing in the RP.

She still existed in the first place?

Fuka Kazamatsuri
Where there's a Desco, there's a Fuka.

He'll be around. Somewhere. Watch out, dungeon parties... I hear he's been growing truffles...

Probably gone. But perhaps the candy store will be reborn. Somewhere.

Walhart LaWrath
Gone, as is Anakin, who I never made a color or bio for so wasn't on my past list.

No longer sun goddess, though still with some similar powers. Classified as a spirit. Wanders aimlessly most of the time. It is nigh impossible to catch her attention while she is painting. Actually gets along with her daughter.

Aya Shameimaru
The truth will always be reported on! Name of paper undecided. Still childhood friend of Yorick. Undecided things continue to be undecided, beyond that.

Maya Épi
Things will probably need to change, but Aya still needs an assistant. Player status? Perhaps.

It looks like Tod is primed to take her, which is fine by me. She was probably going to get cut otherwise, due to barely-had-time-to-use and parentage issues.

There will also be new characters. But that's not for here. I'll get to them later.

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PostSubject: Re: Current plans for Adonia characters   Thu Feb 05, 2015 1:50 am

Oh geez, is Flor allowed to keep her in check? :v *shot*
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PostSubject: Re: Current plans for Adonia characters   Mon Feb 16, 2015 5:22 pm

Minor edit. The whole thing was adding "Also, because lack of the depressing past, she's not even going to put on a serious front. The most serious she gets will be when she is teaching... And still cracking jokes." to Yorick's section.
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PostSubject: Re: Current plans for Adonia characters   

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Current plans for Adonia characters
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