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 Asteikko Venator

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PostSubject: Asteikko Venator   Asteikko Venator Icon_minitimeWed Feb 18, 2015 10:56 pm

"For some reason it's difficult for people to notice the fire in their wallet."

Asteikko Venator Lizard10

Age: 20
DOB: October 31 1996
Gender: Male
Race: Lizardman
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 144lbs
Blood Type: A
Scale Color: Green

Asteikko is a genius in nearly every sense of the word. However, he is not exactly a [lizard]man of astounding morals, willing to conduct shady deals and transactions, and having nearly no sympathy for his consumers.
His thoughts tend to trail back to money no matter what the original subject was, and he takes enormous pride in his economic puppeteering skills.
He acts more humane around his friends and family, showing a sarcastic, intelligent young man who often likes to comment on many things.
He's somewhat obsessive about retaining things of value.

The third child born to the Venator family, he wasn't really expected and thus had a bit of a tough time early on, but excellent funds made his childhood just as pleasant as his siblings. He hungrily absorbed every detail of the economic lessons that his parents raised them on, and did his own incredibly deep research. He spent most of his time reviewing his lessons, and the rest of it applying it to any poor sap with a wallet he could find. By the time he was old enough that Kaarme and Adam could bring the family along on their travels, he had already built a sizable nest egg from the pockets of others.

Asteikko is (obviously) very skilled in economic theory and application, and has enough knowledge that he could effectively manage a business' finances.
Asteikko is skilled with utility magic, especially alteration branches.
Asteikko is skilled with the magical elements of ice and lightning as well.
Asteikko is a decent cook, able to make basic homemade recipes.
Asteikko is good at tailoring, and in fact made most of his outfit himself.
Asteikko is a fop.

Asteikko mostly plays a support role in any engagement, sticking the backline and using his various elemental and debilitating spells. He can cause sickness with his hexes and can temporarily rob foes of their senses.

•Heavy Crossbow
A large crossbow that he carries into battle, it serves as a physical alternative to his long-range attacks. He can imbue the bolts with elements.
•Thief's Knife
A small jacknife that he uses in the rare close encounter. These situations are almost exclusively while he is alone.

•Snake in the Grass
Debuffs are cast silently and take effect silently.


What do you think of the planetarium?
That beautiful twinkling of eternity that will never fade, no matter what.
All of the stars in all of the skies are waiting for you.

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Asteikko Venator
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