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 Alice, The Binder (Beta)

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PostSubject: Alice, The Binder (Beta)   Fri Feb 20, 2015 8:02 am

None shall break my post!:
Name: Alice Rideps
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5' 1"
Weight: 87 lbs
Race: Human
Class: Dollmaker, Soul Binder
Age: 38

A bit of an eccentric. One might say that it runs in the family, but she would just raise an eyebrow and shrug at the statement. She often laughs at jokes that no one told, or so it would appear to most observers. After all, her dolls all have minds of their own. They just don't have mouths to speak to others.  Despite her "creepy" behavior, she is quite cheerful and bubbly, even if some of the things she gets excited about would make the lighthearted squirm.

She does not use her last name. Because she doesn't remember it.

Shortly after her niece's seventh birthday, Alice completed a ritual that she had been studying for a long time: The summoning of a demon lord to strike a bargain, without the risk of sure destruction on the other side of deal.  She knew it would still have a backfire, but hoped it wouldn't be anything too bad.  It would be worth it, though, whatever it was. To have more mastery over her binding necromancy.  While she had in depth book knowledge of all schools of necromancy, her skills were more... Jack of all trades, within the fields. She could do mid-level spells of all the schools of necromancy, but anything too complicated just fizzled out.  The bargain she wished to make? She wanted to rectify that. She knew if she trained for years, she could master all of the schools, but she wasn't really interested in most of them. She wanted to focus on a single school. With her older brother Malphas at her side to assist, she made the bargain to trade all of her ability in the other schools for skill in the school of soul binding and control.  Of course, the demon lord made a flashy explanation of how it was in his power to do so easily... And tricked Alice into agreeing before he informed her of her side of the bargain.

And so Alice lost all the memories of her past, her siblings. Nothing so powerful as to get into her daily life, or the memory of skills and geography. But she not only would never remember her previous relationships; she was completely incapable of reforming them as they were. The bargain wouldn't allow it. On several occasions, Malphas would attempt to remind her. And every time, she would just stare blankly until he finished, and look at him expectantly as though he hadn't started talking yet.  She would know he was friendly with her, and as a fellow necromancer she made the assumption that they had learned the arts together. She remembered her deal, as well. And guessed at the nature of it. She decided on her own to accept the loss of her memories without attempting to fight it, still grateful for the other end of the deal having been upheld perfectly, with the demon leaving without incident. Malphas eventually gave up on trying to remind her, but still checks on her often enough. She is his baby sister, after all.

After this, she decided to become a resident necromancer in a town, rather than a traveler, to keep it safe year round.  (This town is currently unnamed as far as I know, Smash said he had one planned but not written that would work.) She was offered a gatehouse to take up with a couple of fellow guards.... But they quickly decided to move out, leaving her to claim the whole place as her own. Not that she wasn't nice enough, or anything. They both had no real issue with being around her most of the time. But it was hard to sleep, especially when it seemed that Alice never did. Always casting some incantation, or creating a new doll.... The dolls that she used to host the souls of the dead that she binds to her will. Most are willing, happy to have a purpose other than wandering, but others had to be forcibly bound to keep from wreaking havoc. But of course, not all of the dolls were for hosting spirits. Some, she simply made to give to local children. Some, she made to sell. Some, backups. All sorts of designs, from the creepy to the utterly adorable. If one didn't see the whole collection together, they likely wouldn't believe the same person made them.

To be continued when it isn't 3 AM.

The Stockhouse of Dolls:
Night of the Living Dolls:
Dreams of Memories Lost:

Note: It might surprise you how much of this is unchanged from the old RP's version, the villain.
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PostSubject: Re: Alice, The Binder (Beta)   Sat Jul 25, 2015 1:11 am


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Alice, The Binder (Beta)
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