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 Lao Copernicus

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PostSubject: Lao Copernicus   Lao Copernicus Icon_minitimeSun Feb 22, 2015 8:53 pm

"All it really takes is a bit of spit-shine and elbow grease. Don't even need the polish if ya scrub hard enough."

Class: Potentialist
[The definition of lazy efficiency, regular momentum is turned into unstoppable force.]

Age: 19
Birthday: March 26
Gender: Male
Race: Grilod [Draconic Variant]
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 130lbs
Hair Color: White
Scale Color: Purple
Eye Color: Grey

As a member of the grilod race, and a rare draconic variant of said race, Lao has many characteristics normally associated with dragons, and in fact has been mistaken for one in the past. Almost his entire body is covered in hard, purple scales, aside from his face, chest, lower back, and the backs of his thighs. He has a long, strong tail, about three feet long and several inches at its widest point, without any sort of ridges or spikes. It is nearly prehensile, with about as much control as a cat's tail or similar. His arms are plated a bit thicker than the rest of him, with an almost gauntlet-like appearance, and his five fingers have short, blunt claws. His feet are flat, appearing more akin to that of a heavy dragon, ending in three short, thick claws, with one small dewclaw on the heel. Two huge wings sprout from his back, spanning nearly fifteen feet when fully outstretched, and would bump his overall height up to six feet.
His hair is long, shaggy and white, swept back against his skull and reaching to his shoulders. His hairline is guarded by a formation of scales along his forehead, with crawl down to the bridge of his nose in a symmetrical pattern. His ears are long, folded back against his head, and curve gently to a tip. Two horns surround these ears, sprouting from his temples and curling behind his ears to jut forward beneath them. They're mostly ornamental, but are just as hard as his scales. His facial features are somewhat 'wild', with a sharp chin covered in scales, and a hard bone structure. His eyes have slit pupils, and some of his teeth swap molars for canines. Scales trail from the base of his ears down his cheeks to connect with the scales on his chin. His mouth is usually curled in a sort of rakish grin or a bored pout.

Lao is the sort of person to want to do something really badly, but to also not want to put in that much effort to actually do it. He often speaks of hard work paying off and tremendous effort being better than some natural skill, but he usually finds himself lacking the motivation to actually do that himself, despite the rare occasions he has having enormous success.
He tends to be rather meek around figures of imposement, but often openly defies people who try to claim unofficiated power. He frequently calls out others on their bluffs, even while lying or making things up on the fly just to avoid having to explain himself.
He's the type to not care what others think of him most of the time, but there are a certain few who hold the exception.
His ambitions tend to be massive, or they tend to be ridiculously trivial, such as when comparing his 'become the strongest' to 'keep a feather floating for ten minutes without burning it.'

Orphaned as an infant by unknown parents, Lao was taken in by the Copernicus Orphanage, and thus his earliest memories were there. He treated the Copernicus couple as his own parents, and spent a lot of time with the Rhyus family as well. It helped that the Rhyus family's heiress, Neena, was just about the same age as him. He spent equal amounts of time between the two locations, and thus became quite well acquainted with many of the townspeople. When the five-year-old Neena's parents died of plague, he was right there to comfort her and help her through it, taking her to play with the other orphaned children. In their eighth year, they met a townie kid named Trais, who still had his mother. He spent a lot of time on his own, however, and thus joined with the other two in their fun as an official third member. Soon, they became quite the rambunctious sort, 'adventuring' in the town, and later, when they were old enough to venture out without an adult, actually adventuring in small caves and ruins. Lao's utilitarian nature, Neena's magic, and Trais' brute strength helped to form a solid party.
As Lao grew older, he became more and more part of the Copernicus family as well, eventually enough so that Sumia and Johannes decided to adopt him into their family themselves. He took it without much trouble, accepting them as his parents and Cynthia as an older sister in too-short-to-matter time.
On his sixteenth year, he and his two friends decided to head out into the wild world, seeking out some kind of special destiny.
Lao went with no real goal in mind, but as he traveled, he found some. To become the strongest, with nothing that he couldn't overcome. To never be bored, lonely or sick. And maybe, to find his real parents someday.

Lao is a skilled chef, and has actually gotten himself published in a very small cookbook that hardly anyone buys. His most 'famous' dish is something he calls a 'Laocake', a flat pastry with fruit jelly filling and a caramel glaze.
Lao is improvisational, used to quick thinking and unorthodox solutions as a result of his frequent knuckleheadedness.
Lao is fairly educated as a result of his upbringing and association, though he won't become a scientist anytime soon. He can remember how a lot of stuff behaves though, especially how stuff burns.

-Other Notes-
Lao usually carries a vial of scale polish which also operates as a mild corrosive.
Lao also usually carries around a charcoal stick or two.

In actual combat, Lao can either be extremely simple, or completely unpredictable, depending on his resources and how well he's doing. The most important thing to note, is that if there's an environmental element he can use in place of something of his own possession, he'll do his damnedest to use that instead. He's also extremely good at surviving against all odds, dragging things out longer than anyone wants it to be, even when he's clearly losing.
Normally, Lao wields a variety of edged weapons, almost exclusively swords. He wears light armor, sometimes just a helmet, and sometimes carries a buckler. He relies on mobility to protect himself, and tries to avoid blocking.
He uses a sort of in-and-out style when using his blades, preferring to keep just out of range and watching for mistakes in the other person's approach. When he presses his offense, he gets in, tries a few tricks, and gets back out as quick as he can. If the opportunity presents itself, he brings out a full-force attack to capitalize on some fatal mistake.
If he finds this strategy failing, he resorts to some of his more unorthodox methods. He tends to use his biological aspects in combat as well as his equipment, using his powerful legs for kicks and occasionally tackling. His wings can be used to disrupt a foe, whether it be with dirt or a jab.
If he finds himself in close quarters, which he'll often press himself into if his range is outmatched, he relies on a lot of grapples that lead into headbutts or pummels. His punch isn't exactly something to sneeze at, so this can be surprisingly effective.
Lao is also rather fond of bullying and taunting his foes, goading them into mistakes and missteps. Sometimes he'll even take massive risks just to anger someone, tripping them up instead of attacking.
Something rather significant is that he can use fire. Or at least, he can use some fire to blow smoke at his foe. It isn't quite up to the standards of a dragon, but Lao can in fact breathe fire and puff smoke. He also seems to be developing some sort of pyrokinetic power.


Sheathed Sketch:
Lao's favorite weapon, he's always looking for ways to hit with this. It measures about four and a half feet, and it can take quite a beating. Obtained from an artisan blacksmith in Friezant.

Walloon Sword
Lao's secondary blade, the 3 foot slasher is mostly used to make precision cuts, or as Lao might term it, 'damage pumping'. Obtained from a Zeran blacksmith named York.

Possibly Lao's favorite variant of the ye-old poking metal. Sometimes exchanged for the Walloon Sword, depending on how many opponents he expects. Obtained on one of his dungeon plunges.

Tactical Shortsword
A blade that totally wasn't pilfered from some ARK official or another, this blade has a straight edge on one side and a 45 degree tip, occasionally useful for punching through armor. Often used for extreme close range.

[Awoken traits that empower the holder, borne of the magic-infused land.]
•Momentous Charge
As the holder gains momentum and offensive advantage in battle, he gains an appropriate amount of power that can secure his hold on the advantage. With this ability, there is no physical limit that cannot be surpassed, but if the holder loses his momentum, he will suffer a devastating loss of power.
When the holder flaunts his own power or degrades the opponent's strength, the holder will gain a reserve of power to prove him right.


What do you think of the planetarium?
That beautiful twinkling of eternity that will never fade, no matter what.
All of the stars in all of the skies are waiting for you.

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Quis Sum
Quis Sum

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PostSubject: Re: Lao Copernicus   Lao Copernicus Icon_minitimeMon Jun 29, 2015 11:16 pm

Just confirming, Lao is no longer going to be full scalie


What do you think of the planetarium?
That beautiful twinkling of eternity that will never fade, no matter what.
All of the stars in all of the skies are waiting for you.

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Lao Copernicus
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