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 Lyra Inverness, Admiral in the King's Navy

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PostSubject: Lyra Inverness, Admiral in the King's Navy   Mon Mar 23, 2015 6:52 am

Name: Lyra Inverness
Hair: Silver-White
Eyes: Purple
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: Scales on ships aren't that reliable.
Race: Dullahan/Human
Class: Pirate Queen
Age: 26

Family: Carn Inverness (Father), Florence Inverness (Mother), Georgia Inverness (Wife), A whole lot of other people I'll fill in when this isn't a WIP.

Neat freak and pirate may not seem to go hand in hand, but Lyra makes it work to a startling degree.  After all, you don't need to chain up your prisoners if you force them to scrub the decks to the point of exhaustion every day.
She almost always has a smile on her face, whether she is happy or livid.  There is a distinct edge in her voice when she is angry however… Her crew know to stay clear when that comes out.

Despite her occupation, she is quite charitable. In fact, she may work prisoners on her ship to the bone, but they eat just as well as her crew, with few exceptions to date. She takes the safety of the citizens of Monteport very seriously, as the role of Governor goes hand in hand with her station as Admiral. Most of these prisoners are people who have broken the laws in the city, rather than people from raided ships. Captives from other ships, unless wanted criminals, are usually held on a following ship.

As to the way she dresses, she originally claimed that she wore the maid outfit while pirating because she loved the look in her enemy's eyes when they realized that they underestimated her.  But by now, most enemies that she may encounter know perfectly well who she is and what she is capable of. Yet she still wears her maid outfits every day. Maybe her wife has a fetish...?

Born with Leath Syndrome, a disease that effects one in one hundred half-or-less-blooded Dullahans, the connection that exists between the base of the neck and the shoulders in the early stages of conception did not fully dissipate. While there is no spine connection to the skull or anything else vital like that, cutting it off would be.... Heavily unpleasant. The veins position's cannot be predicted properly for one, as the Dullahan circulatory system is a complicated magical thing, but the major issue is the sensitivity of the neck. There are many nerves there, and trying to amputate Lyra's head would likely be one of the most painful experiences imaginable.

Due to this, her mother Florence decided that she needed to raise her daughter in their home at the recently re-named Inverness Cove, north of Monteport. A nice, quiet place away from the bustle of the port city, reserved for the crews of the Inverness family.  Ever the doting mother, Lyra was spoiled to a nearly smothering degree, all while still learning the value of a good day's work, most of which was done through cleaning, as she had to obsessively keep the space between her head and neck clean to avoid infection. This quickly translated into keeping everything clean, as a sort of self-assigned chore which she took to with a gusto, in addition to any chores she was given later in life.

Being away on the business of pirating, both in the treasure hunting and Admiralty capacity (the latter having qualities both on, and off the books), he spent a good portion of his time at home with his daughter. He taught her basic pirate skills, like fighting, how to run on a sloppy sea deck, climbing (A particular hassle for those of the dullahan race, and no less so for Lyra even with Leath), many other things that would be important if she followed in the footsteps of her parents, like she always exclaimed she would. Of course, there were other things they did together. The King of Pirates was a frequent guest at tea parties, and he also taught his young daughter how to play the piano, which she had surpassed him at by the age of 9.

Lyra was raised next to kids of many other crew members of her parent's ship (later ships), but none were closer than Georgia Redding, the daughter of the ship's lookouts.  The two were best friends from the time they were able to run, and they ran a lot. By the age of 5 they had actually mapped out the entirety of the cove, stopped only by the impassible crags and the guards at the pass from exploring further.  If she wasn't with Georgia and the other kids, and wasn't cleaning, she was spending time with her mother. A lot of that time was spent in the kitchen, determined to learn how to cook as well as her mother.

At the age of 7, the duo went on their first pirating adventure (albiet heavily supervised), to find the classic cliché'd buried treasure. Of course the treasure was found by their parents first and double checked to be free of traps, but they didn't change the contents of the chest. That just wouldn't be right.  After spending the better portion of the afternoon digging through the sand with their hands, as their parents wanted to teach them about being prepared and the two hadn't brought their own shovels, they finally hoist the chest out of the ground.  Lyra thought about springing the lock with a hairpin, but she decided to try her dad's method of just smashing it with her sword first. It worked, but the sword sprang out of her hand to the side afterwards, stinging her with reverberations. She didn't bother to retrieve it though, because inside, on top of the usual pile of coins and gems, were two ornate silver knives that drew her eyes like a black hole. She picked up the two knives and examined them thoroughly, utterly transfixed by their beauty as her friend dug through the chest to get a look at the rest of their spoils.  From that moment, an obsession with knives was born in Lyra's heart. She never did retrieve that sword. Romantics say that it still sits on that beach, rusting away. But really, Carn probably picked it up and put it back in the armory.

As they grew, so did their various skills. Lyra's knife collection got rather large, so large that she filled her room up entirely before her mother gifted her with the pocketwatch that she brought back with her from the future, while recounting grand tales of her family who she has at this point remembered.  The hammerspace it provided gave her not only a new place to keep her collection, but a new way to use it: The ability to retrieve the knives with it gave her much less pause when throwing her original knives, which were of course the best weighted for throwing out of her entire collection at the time. Much less hesitation when fighting on the sea, as well. You can't be sure that your weapon won't be knocked into the sea, after all. And for Lyra, losing one of her precious blades to the abyss of the deep would have been nothing short of a heartbreak.

After many anecdotes, Lyra and her best friend Georgia became much more than friends. Her father's retirement ceremony, after 300 years of service, served a dual purpose: It also acted as his daughter's wedding.  Most of the guest list was the same after all, it only made sense.  After their kiss, Lyra and Georgia swore that they'd make their parents proud, and earn the right to be the next pirate queens from their competition.

As everyone can see now, they succeeded.

Abilities, equipment, etc to come later. This IS still a WIP after all.

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Lyra Inverness, Admiral in the King's Navy
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