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PostSubject: Kamek   Kamek Icon_minitimeMon May 25, 2015 12:11 pm


Name: Kamek
Race: Koopa
Age: 114
Birthday: February 15th
Hair Color: N/A
Eye Color: ???
Height: Five feet, three inches.
Weight: Light
Occupation: Bowser's Caretaker and Second in Command.
Class: Magikoopa

Aging Wizard~


For Lord Bowser!~

Kamek is an old, yet powerful Magikoopa who is fiercely loyal to his king. Since the golden age has been declared for all Koopa kind, he's been quite jovial. There are no perceived threats to the Koopa Kingdom, so he's content to continue his magical studies and to care for Bowser's needs. If you get him talking about either of his life's passions, he won't shut up for hours. While on the job however, he is quite serious and doesn't accept slacking from anyone. If he has a job to do, he will do it to the best of his capabilities. Off work though, he's very friendly provided he isn't currently working on an experiment on his free time.

Kamek was born to the Village Elder, Kammy Koopa. As a young child, he was raised to have a great appreciation for all forms of magic. His mother often acted as a fortune teller for the village, and he too received the fortunes on a regular basis. While most of her fortunes were inconsequential, one turned out to be game changing. She told her son that the island's future lies at the volcano on the island. While cryptic, he took the fortune to heart and would regularly fly his broomstick around the mountain since his mother's passing. One day he flew close to a cave, and found a child of an unknown race. He believed this was what Kammy's fortune was referring to, and so he raised him as his own son.

As a father, Kamek was very caring, though raising Bowser was a challenge. For one, Bowser required more food than any of the other villagers, and he ate mostly meat. Kamek would have to make frequent trips back to the mountain to hunt the mountain beasts. As Bowser ate, he grew, as did his appetite. It was all worth it though when he officially recognized his son as a man, and passed the leadership torch to him. It was then that he finally understood the true meaning of his mother's words. Bowser was a natural leader and conqueror, leading the small village into conquest after conquest until they eventually took over the entire island. Kamek stood at Bowser's side all the way, helping and encouraging his son.

Once Bowser took over the entire island, a golden age was declared. Koopas quickly reproduced, towns and villages were formed, and the original village was expanded into the capital city. Since the golden age was declared, Kamek has been content to stay at Bowser's side and care for his needs while also conducting magical research on the side.

Elemental Jack of all Trades - Kamek can wield the elements of fire, water/ice, and lightning equally well. He doesn't really excel in any of them, but he can competently and confidentially wield these magical elements in battle and keep the enemy guessing.

Illusions - Kamek can cast various illusions, such as appearing in multiple places at once. It can be difficult to tell the difference, though only one Kamek is the real deal and can actually harm and be harmed.

Size Alteration - Perhaps the most powerful weapon in his arsenal, Kamek is able to alter the size of any living creature with mixed results. His technique hasn't been perfected and results vary from person to person. Though the potential for this ability is great if he can perfect it. He'll typically only use it as a last resort.

Bowser - Adoptive Son

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