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 The Cipher Syndicate

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PostSubject: The Cipher Syndicate   Sun May 31, 2015 9:25 pm

A secret government organization founded a few decades ago, Cipher is dedicated to protecting Drachurst's interests. Their leader has spent his entire career meticulously constructing this powerbase of spies, informants and agents. They have fingers, eyes, and ears everywhere. They don't have official bases since they operate in secret, but there are a number of safe-houses dotted around the kingdom open to any field operative that needs it. Each safe-house has supplies and a resting area. Their leader will also pick one of these safe-houses as a meeting place should he deem it necessary to meet one of his agents in person.

The leader doesn't show himself very often, instead preferring to relay orders through his Administrators. Each Admin is assigned to a town and is responsible for every agent within that town and the surrounding area. Field Operatives report to their assigned Admin, who reports to the leader. Admins regularly send reports to the leader via a trusted messenger, but have scheduled meetings that they go to personally talk to the leader. The leader usually only talks to his Admins and will only summon someone else for one of three reasons. Either someone is due for a promotion, he has a special job, or someone done fucked up. Badly.

Safehouse Overseers are in charge of at least one safehouse in an area. While they don't have as much authority as an Admin, they play a critical role in helping field agents when needed.


Admins: [To be written as information becomes available]

Safehouse Overseers: [To be written as information becomes available]

Field Operatives:
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