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 City: Monteport, A Privateer's Paradise

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City: Monteport, A Privateer's Paradise Empty
PostSubject: City: Monteport, A Privateer's Paradise   City: Monteport, A Privateer's Paradise Icon_minitimeSat Jun 27, 2015 3:33 pm

A bustling trade town, ruled by Pirate Queens/Admirals Lyra and Georgia Inverness, policed by former privateers and Drachurstian Navymen alike. The only crime that is allowed to exist here is the occasional food-thieving from the street urchins that roam the city, as it would be hard to find them all and take care of them in the first place. People have tried.

Those convicted of disrupting the peace (with anything other than a barroom brawl, because sailors are just going to do that anyway) is cleaning the Inverness Flagship until it sparkles. Most who suffer this punishment never make problems again.

There are shops spread all over the city, but there is a bustling shopping district as well. Being a walled city and patrolled by grizzled veterans of combat (who are too afraid of what might happen to them if they were corrupt), people come from all around the region to shop, eat, and just generally enjoy the sea air on a daily basis. There is no shortage of sailor stories, either.

(Insert more later)

(Layout of city)
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City: Monteport, A Privateer's Paradise
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