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 Dungeon: Labyrinthia

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PostSubject: Dungeon: Labyrinthia   Dungeon: Labyrinthia Icon_minitimeSun Jun 28, 2015 3:01 pm

Description: A seemingly normal cave in a forest on the west side of Drachurst. There are conflicting reports about this place, but almost everyone agrees that no one should venture into it. As far as anyone can tell from the outside, it's just a normal cave. Though for some reason there are two openings, both of which appear to lead into the same area. There is also an ancient inscription between these openings that translates to "Take a moment to consider each choice carefully." The inside of the dungeon is a subject of heated debate. Those who have made it back give conflicting stories. Some say they were walking through a simple maze. Others mention an abandoned mine. Others still talk about unbelievable things, such as an abandoned city or even seeing their own homes. All of these stories have one thing in common however. They were lead out of the dungeon by a mysterious voice in their head. Experts have concluded that these adventurers simply lost their minds and caution everyone against venturing into this dungeon. Though rumors of a great treasure exist. Some believe the treasure to be a large heap of gold. Others believe it to be a weapon of great power. There are none alive who know the truth.

Size: Once again, no one can give a definite answer as to just how big this place is. Of those who came back, some say it was as big as a city, while others say it was as small as their own home. Though everyone who came back admits that they didn't explore it fully.

Landmarks: The only confirmed landmark is just outside the dungeon. The infamous two doors that lead inside with the inscription on the wall between them. Could these doors really determine where in the dungeon you end up? Or is it merely a red herring? None know.

Confirmed Inhabitants: ???

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Dungeon: Labyrinthia
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