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 Throne Room

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PostSubject: Throne Room   Tue Jun 30, 2015 8:23 pm

A rather typical throne room, as you would expect of a king's castle. A thin hallway at the entrance leads directly to the throne, where King Vitalis spends much of his day, hearing out visitors and generally performing kingly duties. A second, slightly smaller throne sits right next to his, typically reserved for the queen of the land (a position that has been empty for quite a while now). A chamber to the right leads to the council room, where the king and his council discuss issues. The door on the opposite side leads to most of the rest of the castle, while the door at the back leads to a stairway heading to the second floor, though entry to this second floor is usually limited, as it leads to the so called royal bedchambers of the king and his 'children'.
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Throne Room
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