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Monica YiDVcoH
"Can't I sleep for a bit longer?":

Age: 26
DOB: October 18, 1990
Gender: Female
Race: Magus
Height: 4'6"
Hair Color: Offwhite
Eye Color: Blue

Still spoiled somewhat despite years wandering the wilderness of Adonia, she thinks of herself first, and sometimes makes rather outlandish demands of her poor bodyguard. Occasionally, she can have the kindness of a young girl, and can display a surprising amount of generosity, but it seems difficult to tickle her fancy enough for that.

Monica was once known by another name, and once had a different form. Cursed by an unknown sorceror, she was denied her rightful inheritance, and had to flee when her 'disappearance' created a hostile panic. Only one of her servants, Richard, believed in her story, and he vowed to protect her while she searched for a way to return to her original form.
Seven years have passed since they set out on their journey, with no real results to speak of. In fact, Monica has gotten used to her new body more than anything, learning how to use the magical affinity her new race granted her. Maybe it would be easier to just remain as she is?

-Other Notes-
Since the curse was placed on her, Monica has developed a slight aversion to bright light, often suffering mild headaches when exposed for too long.

As a member of the magus subrace, Monica has a special affinity for a certain kind of magic, in this case the spells of darkness and manipulation often called 'hexes'.
She is able to strike fear into her enemies, as well as temporarily cripple their mental and physical faculties. With enough effort, she can even cause brief transformations, ranging anywhere from ten seconds to ten hours, and can span a wide variety of types.


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