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 Dangausie's Room

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PostSubject: Dangausie's Room   Mon Jul 06, 2015 3:54 pm

Her room can be described as "lavish" to the untrained eye; the ornate silk curtains hanging from all the walls certainly do make the room seem busy, with all their embroidery, and the purple-and-golden sheen they cast across the room makes it seem a wealthy room indeed. Yet the curtains are valuable mainly due to sentimentality. As foreign as Dangausie herself, they are a symbol of her heritage.

Aside from this, the room is sparse. Her bed is concealed by another curtain, and in the center of the room a mannequin of some sort hangs suspended from the ceiling. A chest against the far wall houses knives and daggers of all sort.

Her curtains serve as more than decoration. Two of them conceal secret passages that lead out of the room, usable only by Dangausie herself. One of them hides her collection of maps and keys, while another covers a family portrait from her youth.

Across the ceiling, a web of golden chains holds aloft gleaming stars, a sun, and several planets.

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Dangausie's Room
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