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 The Rico Brothers

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PostSubject: The Rico Brothers   The Rico Brothers Icon_minitimeSat Aug 01, 2015 4:29 pm

"Welcome, welcome! In need of some emergency items, yes?"

Names: Rico (unknown if real names)
Age: ???
Race: Human
Class: Merchant

A trio of identical brothers who travel the land selling wares to travelers using the same moniker. Although one would think it's the same person, all 3 of them have been seen together at once. Since a young age, they've seen profit to be had in helping adventurers out by selling healing items, weapons and the like in the vicinity of or right inside dungeons in the event that they're needed... For a small fee, of course. Their prices are for the most part fair, and their service has earned them some renown amongst Drachurstians. Their true power is unknown, but they certainly seem to handle themselves... And their wares. It is advised that one not attempt to steal from any of them, as even well-trained warriors have ended up hospitalized for shirking payment.

Take a look at our wares!:

Stop! Thief!:
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The Rico Brothers
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