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PostSubject: Support Characters   Support Characters Icon_minitimeSun Aug 09, 2015 10:03 am

A mostly-retired painter who lives in the snowy north. He resides alone on the edge of the forest, spending his time making hundreds of paintings of the landscape around him. The years have refined his skills to a point where he can portray places with near photorealism.
He possesses the skill of recreation, able to take a picture and visualize the full setting and context of the scene. With this, he can act as a sort of scry, and with his painting skills, can also accurately portray many scenes and objects.

Johnson Benjamin Arbiquas
Navigator Piers' First Mate, Arbiquas serves as his bodyguard, advisor, confidant, guide, and friend. He has a very serious sort of personality, often attempting to dissuade his liege from frivolous ventures. However, he is extremely loyal, and would lay his life down for Nathaniel.
He fights with his fists, wearing iron knuckles to put more force into his swings, and rumor has it he was once the champion of an illegal ring.

Larissa Timarck
A Berkshiran girl working at the Huckleberry Inn, she was sent there by her parents in the hopes that she might gain some practical experience from the work. While not entirely devoid of the typical rich-girl personality, she is remarkably well-adjusted, and often finds herself working harder than Trais, and sometimes even Dhaein himself. She enjoys croquet.

An old(middle-aged) mapmaker with a rough personality and a fondness for marbles. Seems to pop up in convenient places, selling maps and other things.

To Be Updated Further And Whatnot


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