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 Miyuki Takenaka

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Appearance 1:
Appearance 2:

Name: Miyuki Takenaka (often shortened to Miyu; referred to with a 'Mrs.' Or as 'leader' or other such titles by her students)
Age: 27
Birthday: December 14
Hair color: Black
Height: 5'5"
Class: Clan Leader

Miyu was born into the Shimokage Clan by its leader, and as such was destined to lead the clan herself when she grew. Perhaps for this reason, she was raised strictly but lovingly, and she's felt the pressure of high expectations for as long as she can recall. It wasn't unwarranted; from a young age she demonstrated remarkable cunning, very sharp senses and reflexes, and the ability to be both agile and stealthy, all important qualities for a ninja.

Her closest friend in the small village was a boy that had been taken in by the clan, a young lad named Kazuya (who she affectionately called 'Kazzy'). Even when they trained together, she never felt the same pressure she felt around most of the rest of the clan.

Her senses in particular are quite impressive, and it is nearly impossible to sneak up on her. In fact, shortly after entering her teen years, she had on multiple occasions detected the presence of Kazuya gazing at her in her room while she was undressing for the night, somehow. It is rather telling, then, that instead of confronting him about it, she instead decided to put on a show for him every night. Her feelings only grew stronger and stronger with each passing day, until some time later, she finally just straight up kissed him.

The two were nigh inseparable when they weren't working from that day on. One day, she discovered upon accidentally headbutting his nose that he had destroyed his own face and made a replica of it to further his ability to disguise himself, without telling her. Although she was absolutely furious at first, she evidently got over it, as the two eventually got married. It's been a few years since she had taken over the clan following her mother's passing, and she's done a remarkable job so far. She's currently having thoughts about creating a little successor, but is nervous to discuss it with her husband.

Normally a very cheerful and spirited young woman, she seems to become an entirely different person when on a mission; very serious and no-nonsense. Depending on who she's speaking to, she can be either a cool leader or a strict one with her pupils. When in private around her beloved husband, she becomes both incredibly nurturing and an immense tease.

Sharp Senses
Her eyesight and hearing are very sharp, allowing her to see or hear things many others don't at that distance if she focuses enough.

The usual abilities you would expect out of a fictional ninja.

+Kazuya Takenaka- Husband

Likes — Kazzy, ninjas, snow, her pupils, dogs, curry.
Dislikes — Traitors, pointless bloodshed.
Desires — To train her students well and allow the clan to live on.
Fears — Failing the clan.

The cheerful ninja:
I can't fail my clan...:
Alone with my Tiger~:
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Miyuki Takenaka
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