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 Dark Koopatrol

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PostSubject: Dark Koopatrol   Dark Koopatrol Icon_minitimeTue Aug 18, 2015 1:44 am


Name: ???
Alias: Dark Koopatrol
Age: Unknown
Birthday: Unknown
Hair Color: N/A
Eye Color: Red
Height: Taller than the average Koopa
Weight: Average
Class: Dark Knight
Occupation: Koopatrol General

Dark Koopatrol's Entrance~

Dark Koopatrol Battle~

Dark Koopatrol is a dutiful knight to its country, seemingly always on duty. It doesn't seem very friendly, and is only focused on serving King Bowser. Dark Koopatrol is often referred to as Bowser's strongest and most capable soldier. Some rumors say that it may even be stronger than Bowser himself! Regardless of how true that rumor may be, Dark Koopatrol is completley devoted to its king and country. It rarely speaks and never removes its armor, leaving many questions. It is said that only Bowser and Kamek know what is under that helmet.

Dark Koopatrol's fighting style is very quick and decisive. When fighting on its own, it likes to quickly charge at opponents, impaling them on its spiked helmet. It may also retreat into its shell and fling itself at multiple enemies, and even juggle them on its spiked shell. It may also attempt to disarm opponents. It is also fond of launching balls of dark energy at enemies from above. While a tough opponent on its own, Dark Koopatrol is often seen traveling with a squad of regular Koopatrols. It will give commands to its soldiers and fight alongside them when possible. As the top soldier of Bowser's Army, Dark Koopatrol strives to live up to its title. Both in and out of battle.

Not much is known about Dark Koopatrol's history, mostly because it never tells anyone. More information may become available as the story progresses.

Levitation - Dark Koopatrol is capable of levitating several feet above the ground, allowing for aerial attacks.

Dark Magic - Dark Koopatrol is an expert in the dark arts, able to use a number of spells. It is unknown where or how this magic was learned.

Close Quarters Combat - Dark Koopatrol is proficient in hand to hand combat, able to fight without holding a weapon. Dark Koopatrol also frequently uses its armor as an effective weapon.

Here's a link to my bios.
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Dark Koopatrol
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