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 Nathaniel Piers, ARK Navigator

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PostSubject: Nathaniel Piers, ARK Navigator   Nathaniel Piers, ARK Navigator Icon_minitimeSun Aug 23, 2015 9:58 pm

Nathaniel Piers, ARK Navigator Og5sRMf

Age: 44
DOB: February 17, 1972
Class: ARK Navigator
Gender: Male
Race: Human, Drachurstian
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 150lbs
Hair Color: Brown, now Grey
Eye Color: Blue

Nathaniel is confident in himself, something made obvious by his posture, speech and actions. He tries to act after thinking, but impulse takes him oftentimes, often landing him in unfortunate situations. He prefers an active role, leading him to spend much of his time away from his Navigator's Table in the ARK capitol in Terian.
As the leader of ARK and in his uniform, he makes a much more serious effort to be a cool, rational sort, sometimes overdoing and spending far too much time considering an issue.

Born in Sparalong City, Nathaniel spent his early years in poverty, with only his mother to support him. As he aged, he found himself constantly at odds with the other street urchins, refusing to resort to thievery, and even attempting to reprimand those he found in the act. No matter how many beatings he suffered, he never cured himself of this conviction, and even seemed to seek these out after a time. He managed to hold down the odd job here and there through sheer charisma to help prop up his mother's flagging income. Eventually, around his seventeenth year, he was able to move his mother from their tiny home in Sparalong to a nicer home in Terian.
He stayed behind for a year, still sending money to his mother when he could, sacrificing many of his own comforts in the process. Many nights were spent outside the city, sleeping in the open, and many meals were missed or replaced with fish from the nearby sea.
When he turned 18, he left Sparalong for good, moving his routine to Terian. At least here, he could stay with his mother, though he himself remained much in the same situation as before.
In ten years time, he met a man named Helios, who was passing through the city. The two men struck up a chatter, becoming simple friends before long.
Following a certain incident with an artifact, Nathaniel became possessed of the desire to control and regulate these objects, so that such incidents may not happen again. One problem, which he deigned not to share with Helios, was that his poverty prevented him from really acting upon these desires. He could not afford appropriate equipment to deal with these magical artifacts. Helios offered the idea of assembling a team, an organization to handle such matters.
Putting their efforts together, the duo managed to round up ten people after a month, and so these twelve men were named the first Artifact Retrieval Knights.
Through gargantuan amounts of research and very improvisational techniques, the team managed to locate and safely store a few dozen artifacts. Over the next few months, the group would grow in size, with Nathaniel and Helios acting as its leaders. Eventually, Helios left ARK, bidding farewell to his allies, leaving Nathaniel and the newly-appointed Arbiquas to lead.
Fourteen years passed, and ARK expanded, slowly becoming far more than what it originally was. It started to reflect such organizations as the Lighthawk Guild, spreading out over the land to create sparse offices where one might solicit a variety of services, such as transport, mailing and equipment. The organization remained small in all places aside from Terian, where it became an integral part of the city. In fact, just six short years after ARK was founded, the city saw the election of Navigator Piers to office.

Nathaniel's picked up many small skills over the years, many of them a beginner's understanding of several trades. Some of these skills are blacksmithing, tailoring, fishing, and many others. He rarely puts these into practice, but every now and then, he can recall some of the particulars.
Nathaniel learned to read and write from his mother, who had been taught by her husband after they married. Shortly after founding ARK and earning enough wealth he hired a tutor, and now has roughly the same education as a lower noble.

Nathaniel fights at primarily close-range, wielding blade or fist as the situation calls. In his younger years, his strategy was a brutal sort, focusing on a furious offense that worked wonders on the various urchins in Sparalong, but now it has a more methodical feel to it. His offense is still marked by relentless blitzes, without much regard to defense, but until a chance presents itself, he remains on the defense, trying to goad the opponent.

Personal Equipment:
•ARK Navigator's Blade - A specially-made longsword modeled after the typical ARK-produced longsword. It has a handguard that reaches from the crossguard to the pommel, and the blade reaches about three feet. The blade is thin,


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Nathaniel Piers, ARK Navigator
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