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 The Team

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Emperor of the Multiverse

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PostSubject: The Team   Mon Aug 24, 2015 2:39 pm

With no fancy name, "The Team" is a group of seven individuals at the top of their respective fields. Starting out as a group of mercenaries, they tackled many jobs together. Each person has a vital role to play and everyone is equally important. Eventually when The Spy founded The Cipher Syndicate, "The Team" was absorbed into Cipher and became an elite group within it. The Spy's own handpicked agents. While The Spy is technically the leader of the group, they more or less make decisions together and take each others opinions into account. The members are currently scattered all over the country, but keep in regular contact through messengers. Most of them are waiting for the day The Spy summons them for an important mission, one they must all tackle together like the old days.



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The Team
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