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 Michi Mitsu

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PostSubject: Michi Mitsu   Sun Sep 06, 2015 5:24 pm

Michi Mitsu
Birthday: February 2

He showed up in Glithesvillage mysteriously after an earthquake and subsequent tsunami. He was taken in by a kind old woman. The village blacksmith taught him how to wield a sword, but it was a bit heavy for his young arms. Still, one day he and the sword vanished in search of adventure, something he always craved in that boring old village. He always wanted to travel overseas - the ocean, at least, always fascinated him. He was last seen boarding a ship to Drachurst. Momo, his best friend, is looking for him to return him home, or at least to keep him safe. He's really not very good with a sword.

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Michi Mitsu
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