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 Villa Del Balthiorey

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PostSubject: Villa Del Balthiorey    Villa Del Balthiorey  Icon_minitimeMon Sep 28, 2015 5:59 pm

Next to a cliff on the water's edge in Monteport is the home of Lady Balthiorey, a kind and generous wealthy woman...who is well known and respected within the city. Lady Balthiorey is a dear friend to Georgia and Lyra Iverness as well. All comers are welcome to meet with Lady Balthiorey at her home during respectable hours, to speak with her. The Villa is a very open and beautifully decorated home, featuring art on many of the walls, and expensive architecture. At the back of the home is her garden which faces the open ocean, while the front of the home has a balcony for looking out across the town. Around the outside of the home are a beautiful multitude of flowers growing in bushes, as well as up the sides of the building itself. One would suspect this building having stood here for generations, when in fact it was only constructed when Lady Balthiorey first came to the town of Monteport and the well grown and tended plant life is the results of her tender love and care, as is the trust of the town people.

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Villa Del Balthiorey
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