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 Leroy Rackham, Seafaring Treasure Hunter

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PostSubject: Leroy Rackham, Seafaring Treasure Hunter   Leroy Rackham, Seafaring Treasure Hunter Icon_minitimeWed Oct 07, 2015 6:39 pm


Name: Leroy "Lee" Rackham
Age: 1,009
Birthday: September 19th
Race: Elf
Hair color: Cyan
Eye color: Black
Height: 5'11"
Class: Captain

Born many, many years ago, Lee grew up alongside his slightly younger sister Jeanne in a small port town. Although they weren't exactly the best raised children- their parents were separated and their mother, whom they spent most of their time with, could only just barely afford to raise them both. That's not to say they were miserable either; the children merely saved up from their own funds from small allowances and (later) random odd jobs around town to afford any commodities. They learned to appreciate the value of money, particularly Leroy, who grew what some might call a strange fascination with it.

When they were younger, he and his sister were both afflicted with a strange curse; they could transform into a more powerful form to increase their power, but at the cost of draining them of their humanity the longer they stay in it. For this reason, he tends to almost never use it, only for situations where he deems it absolutely necessary.

From a young age he wanted to become a world-famous treasure hunter, helped by the adventure novels he used to read from the town's library. It didn't take long before he pursued that very dream: together with his sister, he joined a crew of treasure hunters to learn the ropes, and it wasn't very long before he started earning a reputation.

Not long after, he acquires his own ship from the riches he's collected, which he uses to this very day to travel the seas in search of treasure and adventure. Somewhere in his travels, many years later, he met a young woman by the name of Maria, whom he was instantly smitten by. The two married a short time later and had a daughter, whom they named Fleur. Life seemed to be going quite well for them...

Until one unfortunate voyage where a freak encounter with a giant, shadowy ghost ship caused his own ship to nearly topple over, immediately putting both Fleur and Maria in danger. With only enough time to save one of them, Leroy secured his daughter and led her to safety. He made a desperate move to save his wife afterwards, but... Sadly, he only just missed her, and she vanished beneath the waves.

The grieving captain managed to take his wrecked ship on to a nearby shoreline, and he nearly retired from his adventuring days. However, spurned on by his daughter and knowing his beloved Maria wouldn't have wanted him to give up so easily, Leroy repaired his ship within a few months, gathered up his crew and set off once more, continuing his quests and, perhaps, finding the truth of what really happened that day. Something in his gut told him, Maria was still out there somewhere. And his gut feelings usually turned out to be right...

Despite his reputation, Lee is actually a rather amicable fellow, and in some ways rather surprising. He's pretty well-read for a pirate, and quite honorable. Not to say he isn't averse to cheating and stealing; but he always fights direct duels fairly, and gives competing treasure hunters a fair chance to beat him to the loot. All bets are off on dishonorable opponents, as he shows how pragmatic a fighter he can be. It's somewhat rare to even get to that point, however; despite his above average swordplay and sharp aiming skills, he usually prefers to try and talk his way out of situations if he can. He is averse to showing his true powers, only using them when he deems it necessary.

Although he is usually on the side of good, he considers other treasure hunters and pirates his rivals, and almost never takes any requested jobs unless promised a considerable reward.

He's always looked out for his younger sister since they were kids, and often worries over her safety, although he usually hides it. And of course, like any big brother, he loves teasing her incessantly. He loves his daughter more than life itself, and spoils her as much as he can possibly allow, along with endlessly doting on her. He's much more open about his concern of safety for her, although he is aware she can handle herself. The subject of his missing wife is a touchy one for him, and only his daughter or his sister will be able to get anything but an angry reaction out of him if they bring it up.


+Jeanne Rackham- Sister
+Fleur Rackham- Daughter

Likes — Pirating, the sea, ships, adventures, treasure, family.
Dislikes — Darkness, curses, immorality.


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PostSubject: Re: Leroy Rackham, Seafaring Treasure Hunter   Leroy Rackham, Seafaring Treasure Hunter Icon_minitimeThu Oct 08, 2015 5:24 am


All these pirates make me kind of want to use Azelstan the Lord as another character but nah, I think I rather clear up what I have now and then consider it

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Leroy Rackham, Seafaring Treasure Hunter
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