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 Terrable (WIP dragged over from skeleton bios)

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PostSubject: Terrable (WIP dragged over from skeleton bios)   Thu Nov 12, 2015 8:18 pm


Proffering a life spent away from any semblance of general society, Terrable (Or Terry, as those he isn't likely to give death glares to call him) currently has no such luxury. His powers have become somewhat unstable, so he cannot stay in one place overlong without potentially damaging the environment there. This has also affected his "human" body, this form of his that he has taken with his powers sealed, in a manner that he freshly wraps his body in bandages every morning before leaving his tent to sit with the (as yet undetermined) party which he travels with. If he were alone, he would likely be persecuted as some sort of plague carrier, by his bandages.

His powers over the earthly elements are sometimes hard to keep at the power level he desires, so he ends up mostly using them defensively and fighting with his body, unless his enemy is the only one in the area.

The reasoning for these awry powers of his? The carrier of his gem was murdered, and part of the gem's seal undone. Before the process could be finished, however, the leaking powers from it brought the castle that the ritual was being performed in to life, interrupting the ritual and sending the caster into flight. This palace has taken a humanoid form, and started to roam the world, unhindered by ocean or mountain. Monsters roam in its belly, prepared to fight back any incursion that might slip past the notice of the golem building, intent to keep the gem in it's current form: Neither sealed nor unsealed.
And thus, the roaming dungeon 'Ruin' was brought into being:
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Terrable (WIP dragged over from skeleton bios)
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