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|| Date Started || Location and Page || Characters ||


|| July 1st || One Fateful Night / Page 1 || No Characters ||
|| A mysterious man summons a black ring around Drachurst, within which shadows begin to emerge. He commands them to create havoc before withdrawing with two other people.

|| July 1st || Zera Marketplace / Page 1 || Gul'ka Diablo ||
|| Gul'ka goes to fetch groceries for the Lord Tsuien, uncomfortably aware of how out-of-place and mistrusted he was in the little town. He contemplates working elsewhere.

|| July 1st || The Huckleberry Inn / Page 1 || Dhaein Camaxi / Trais Fansor / Larissa Timarck / Heirn Huckleberry / Oul Huckleberry ||
|| Another day begins at the Huckleberry Inn, with the five employees all waking up early to being their work. In Trais' case, to resume his homeschooling and coin-counting.

|| July 1st || Riverwood Inn / Page 1 || (NPC)Rime, Unnamed Innkeep ||
|| Two men discuss the implications of the sudden appearance of the shadow creatures, and one offers the idea that the so-called Outsiders are to blame. They also mention two young siblings that recently checked in, and the innkeep expresses disbelief that the other man would even suspect them.

|| July 1st || General Monteport Residential / Page 1 || Yoren Halscreft / Hanzo Zylanzi / Unnamed Sailor ||
|| Yoren confronts his estranged stepfather over his string of murders, including his own family, and prepares to kill him. A sailor interrupts after seeing the door open, and after some debate and skepticism, arrests the man.

|| July 1st || Colton Residence / Page 1 || Othello Colton / Shara Colton / Duval Colton ||
|| Othello begins to head out for his next job, accidentally catching his parents a bit off-guard. They catch him at the door, and they persuade him to stay just a little longer with the promise of chocolate chip cookies. Duval has a fatherly moment with Othello, and after a family snack, Othello grudgingly departs. Shara and Duval then share some heartfelt moments together, and touch upon the possibility of a second child.

|| July 2nd || Whitewings Orphanage / Page 1 || Cynthia Copernicus / Sumia Copernicus ||
|| Sumia awakens to the sound of three people entering the Orphanage, and goes to investigate. To her surprise and joy, she finds her daughter Cynthia has returned from her adventures with her Pokemon allies, excited to tell her mother about all of them. The four sit down together and Cynthia begins to recite her stories to her mother.

|| July 2nd || Whitewings Orphanage / Page 1 || Yoren Halscreft / Sumia Copernicus // Ina Zylanzi ||
|| Yoren visits the orphanage, intending to pick up his sister Ina. He goes through the hoops with Sumia and is soon departing with his appreciate sister.

|| July 2nd || Gregoria's Bookshop / Page 1 || January Gregoria / June Elias ||
|| January speaks with one of three young amnesiac siblings who she's taken in. She seeks results after doing everything she can to help them regain their memories, but with no gains. She promises to continue helping them as much as she can regardless of what may come.

|| July 3rd || Whitewings Orphanage / Page 1 || Lao Copernicus / Neena Rhyus / Cynthia Copernicus / Sumia Copernicus ||
|| Lao and and a very tired Neena stand awkwardly before the orphanage door, preparing for the first reunion in quite a while. They're greeted by Cynthia, who immediately and enthusiastically reminds them with her greeting. Sumia joins her in welcoming the two kids, and the two start to catch up. The topic turns briefly to the missing Elias trio, who still haven't returned. They then insist on helping her around the orphanage, and so the day begins.

|| July 3rd || Nia'a Athu'a City Ruins / Page 1 || Lucina Ylisse ||
|| Lucina awakes in the middle of desert ruins without any memories to call her own, lost and alone. She is soon accosted by desert bandits, and is knocked out by a thrown rock. She wakes up later, held unprofessionally by the bandits, and after getting some information from them, she kills them and leaves. Thirst is on her mind as she treks through the desert.

|| July 3rd || Zera Main Street / Page 1 || Unknown ||
|| An unknown figure in blue armor falls onto the dirt in the middle of the town, without memories and direction. He gets up and heads east, looking for answers.

|| July 3rd || Maple Weekly Post / Page 1 ||
|| Aya wakes Momiji up for dinner, resulting in a small sisterly tussle. Aya then sends Momiji to fetch their mother, Amaterasu, who first shares a motherly moment with her daughter. Once the family is seated, they share a meaty dinner, with plenty of teasing from Aya and Ammy for poor Momiji.

|| July 3rd || Glade Inn / Page 1 || Comet Avoire, Solvari ||
|| A Comet hard at work and a Mizore searching for a certain person encounter each other inside the inn, and Mizore immediately gets on Comet's bad side by knowing his name. Wary, he answers her questions mostly truthfully, but puts his guard back up when someone in the tavern is arrested by her allies. He asks her a few questions, then leaves her to her drinking.

|| July 3rd || Alice's Dollshop / Page 1 || Alice Rideps, Augustine Elias ||
|| A young woman(Augustine) enters Alice's shop, looking around the place. Alice greets her at the door, and encourages her to look around, as Shanghai also looks on. She picks out a doll wearing leather armor with a smirk, one that seems rather familiar to her. Before leaving, Augustine and Alice talk a bit about how they've both lost their memories, as well as their current situations. Newly befriended, they part ways for now, with Augustine taking the armored doll home with her.

|| July 4th || Artist's Quarter Residential / Page 1 || Arthur Forrester-Elias / Alexis Forrester / Alexandria Forrester-Elias / Kaya Forrester-Elias ||
|| Arthur and Alexis share some sibling banter in the morning, with Alexandria joining in shortly, and the conversation turns briefly to the missing Eliases. They then discuss a variety of family-related topics, but Alexis seems a bit down. She promises to talk it over with Florence later, and the family gathers in the kitchen, including Kaya and Fumbles.

|| July 4th || Riverwood Inn / Page 1 || Drayce Rhyus, Desna Rhyus ||
|| Desna wakes up to another day in the land of Adonia with her big brother, excited to start the adventure, but quickly bored by the tired old town. Drayce briefly banters with Desna over who was more tired and who was reading what, then Desna turns the topic to their parents and their unknown status. Drayce immediately turns it brighter, and manages to get her to go back to sleep.

|| July 5th || Halscreft Enchanted || Dangausie Myletuer / Yoren Halscreft ||
|| Dangausie stops by the enchanting shop, requesting a particular enchantment on one of her daggers. Her identity remains unknown to Yoren, however, and she promises to return later.

|| July 5th || Knight's Barracks / Page 1 || Soiree Armra, Eli Ascal ||
|| Soiree and Eli idle in the barracks common room, apprehensive about Rey's reconaissance mission. Soiree suggests going to drink some of their worries away, and when Eli agrees, she reveals one bottle of her hidden stash. Eli only takes a little, but Soiree imbibes perhaps more than she should, and ends up terribly drunk. Eli grudgingly escorts her to her room, gently chastising her.

|| July 5th || Soiree's Room / Page 1 || Eli Ascal, Soiree Armra, Cecily Stemma ||
|| After being helped out of her armor by Eli, Soiree is made to truly face a lashing when Cecily discovers the bottle. She gives Soiree a stern, loud lecture, rattling her head and exposing some of her internal fears about the shades. With some surprisingly gentle final words, Cecily leaves Soiree to recover, going to talk to the other knights.

|| July 5th || Huckleberry Inn / Page 1 || Fiolina Germi / Dhaein Camaxi ||
|| Fiolina peeks into the Huckleberry Inn, looking for somewhere to eat, and is seated pretty quickly by Dhaein. They discuss the menu and what's good briefly before deciding on roast beef and potato sandwiches. The two talk for a little bit, talking about themselves, and soon enough part ways, at least temporarily. Typical restaurant stuff.

|| July 5th || Nia'a Desert / Page 1 || Lucina Ylisse / William ||
|| William finds Lucina in the middle of the desert, and after some discussion about Lucina's origins, William insists on escorting Lucina to the nearest town, joking about earning her trust through it. Lucina is nonplussed, but goes with him anyways.

|| July 5th || Thirsty Oasis / Page 1 || William / Lucina Ylisse ||
|| William and Lucina come to an inn in Nia'a Tsara'an, where they stop momentarily to rest up. William asks around to see if anybody knows Lucina, but with no results. They discuss what they'll need to continue, and resolve to continue the next day.

|| July 6th || Inverness Cove / Page 1 || Carn Inverness / Florence Inverness ||
|| The parents of the pirate queen share a quiet night together, talking and remembering the days of old, before turning back to the present, and the things they have now. Such as each other.

|| July 6th || Elementalist Church / Page 1 || Maya Kita / Tiamat Kita ||
|| A normal day passes for the two dragon siblings, though Maya can't help but feel some apprehension about the recently appeared shadow creatures. Tiki does a good job of dispelling her fears, however, and even gets her to go to bed with her. It had been a long day, after all.

|| July 8th || Tsuien Manor / Page 1 || Laer Tsuien / Gul'ka Diablo ||
|| Laer and Gul'ka share a 'conversation', and Laer muses over the prospects of the future, both his and Gul'ka's.

|| July 9th || Elias Residence / Page 1 || Cynthia Copernicus, Susan Forrester ||
|| Cynthia goes to investigate the Elias household, having noticed some lights turned on, and discovers a very tired Susan in the act of watching over the place. Exchanging words of comfort and reassurance, Cynthia helps a now-sleeping Susan into bed.

|| July 10th || Halscreft Enchanted / Page 1 || Dangausie Myletuer / Yoren Halscreft ||
|| Dangausie returns as promised, bringing with her satisfaction and a new request, which Yoren fulfills summarily.

|| July 11th || Shrine of Rain / Page 1 || Quetzalcoatl / Samuel ||
|| A typical day ensues for the goddess and her handservant, issuing commands, lazing around, and having domineering sex. Something seems to be bothering Quetz, however, something that even she's not sure about. She ignores it, however, and goes to sleep.

|| July 15th || Lower Terian Marketplace / Page 1 || Kaarme Venator / Adam Venator / Helistin Venator / Kylma Venator / Asteikko Venator / Richard / Terrable / Monica ||
|| The Venator family arrives in Terian, where the crowds are bustling and loud. Asteikko finds himself overwhelmed, and the family takes shelter in a side road. They decide to split into two groups, one parents and the other children for the day. Later, Terrable and his two entourages approach the triplets' booth, each making their own purchases.

|| July 15th || Lochmere Stables / Page 1 || Ethan Copernicus / Sumia Copernicus ||
|| Sumia enters the stables to find Ethan grooming Fiora, and after greeting each other, the two talk about how Ethan's been taking care of the horse. Ethan gives Sumia some reassuring words about her job, and Sumia expresses her appreciation.

|| July 22nd || Rilia Residence / Page 1 || Styla Rilia / Luke Rilia ||
|| Styla lounges in the living room, waiting for Luke to show up and fall victim to a slightly mean prank, but he sees right through it and turns it on her. The two then have a standard sibling chat, making good-natured jokes and fun, before Luke suddenly initiates a playfight.

|| July 23rd || Glade Marketplace / Page 1 || Aurora / Maya Kita ||
|| Aurora collapses in the marketplace after walking for a very long time, and is found by Maya, who brings her back to the church.

|| July 23rd || Elementalist Church / Page 4 || Maya Kita / Aurora ||
|| Aurora awakens to see Maya tending to her, and is briefly panicked, but soon assuaged. Maya explains what she saw, and offers her some new clothes. Aurora happily accepts, and after rescinding a somewhat heavy question, sets out on her own to find her own fate, with Maya's blessings after her.

|| July 25th || Halscreft Enchanted / Page 2 || Dangausie Myletuer / Yoren Halscreft ||
|| Dangausie returns to the shop a second time, with much of the same intentions as before.

|| July 25th || Lochmere Town Limits / Page 1 || Bobby Fulbright / Tharja ||
|| Bobby awakens near Lochmere with no memories to call his, and wandering, bumps into Tharja. After an interesting exchange, she leads him to Lochmere in exchange for the promise that he visit her shop.

|| July 25th || Maleficar Elixirs / Page 1 || Tharja / Bobby Fulbright ||
After some discussion and negotiation, Tharja gives Bobby a bargain deal on a set of potions, including some health potions. The two exchange names, and Tharja suggests the Knight Academy to Bobby as a possible career choice. Bobby decides to act on it, and the two part ways for the time being.

|| July 25th || Friezant Streets / Page 1 || Soiree Armra / Yoren Halscreft / Ina Zylanzi||
|| After a head-on collision between Ina and Soiree, Yoren and Soiree have a somewhat idle, yet somehow charged conversation. They part ways with few words.

|| July 29th || Halscreft Enchanted / Page 3 || Dangausie Myletuer / Yoren Halscreft ||
|| Dangausie enters the shop once again with a request for her last dagger, and chooses to identify herself as the second Silver Knight. The trip lasts only a short time, just enough for business.

|| July 29th || Crystalpine Main Roads || Beatrice Tonne / Isaac Tonne / Unnamed Mapmaker ||
|| Having spent much time in Crystalpine without a lead(and thus without a reliable income), the two siblings ponder their next course of action. They decide to travel to Berkshire, but to do so, they need a map. Cue the entry of a merchant, who they manage to acquire a map from through a game of marbles and help with packing up.

|| July 29th || Lowtown Berkshire / Page 1 || Henry / (NPC)Joseph Flannigan ||
|| A thief is accosted in the Berkshire alleyways after a wind blows his spoils away. His last moments before his death were of a strange masked man with a wicked laugh and even more wicked procedures.

|| July 31st || Knight Academy / Page 1 || Bobby Fulbright / Lao Copernicus / Jenry Weiss / Cecily Stemma ||
|| Lao, Bobby, and Jenry each arrive at the Academy's gates at a coincidentally similar time, and introduce themselves to each other as they wait for an instructor. During that wait, Lao gives Bobby his longsword. A bit of conversation until Lao fumbles his blade, grazing his arm and earning the ire of Cecily, the temporary instructor. The trio have a brief entrance spar, resulting in the acceptance of both of the new students. Of course, Lao doesn't escape without another tongue-lashing. As Bobby and Cecily work out the details of his recruitment, Jenry returns, getting roped into a clearly unwanted conversation. Jenry receives his orders from Cecily, and decides to take Bobby along as his partner for now. Lao and Bobby finish their forms, and after choosing an armor, Bobby is led to the dark room to continue training with Jenry. He quickly gets frustrated at Bobby's passiveness, however, and leaves. They are dismissed.

|| July 31st || Kevranstown Inn / Page 1 || Tod Veraltet ||
|| Tod opens a letter received from his sister, containing words of travel and hopeful meetings. Afterwards, leaving his belongings in the inn, he sets out for Berkshire.

|| July 31st || Riverwood Marketplace / Page 1 || Theodore Eirian / Elsie Cardow || While browsing the marketplace at Riverwood, Theodore bumps into a young woman, leading to hasty introductions as she struggles to continue on her way.


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