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 Castle Statue Garden

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PostSubject: Castle Statue Garden   Wed Mar 02, 2016 3:26 am

Calling it a garden is a bit of a misnomer, as it's more of a greenhouse. A large indoor courtyard on the top floor of the castle, three walls are stone an the fourth and ceiling are entirely made of glass. The only door is on this glass wall, opening out onto a covered balcony, adjacent to Anri's room.

A path of smooth river stone winds its way through flowerbeds and many statues of bygone heroes. Most have plaques which are well labeled, but the identities of some have been lost to time.

Princess Anri spends much of her time in here, being more or less the only one who manages the place. She does all the weeding, polishes the statues, makes sure the sprinklers are working, everything, in her spare time. It helps her relax.
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PostSubject: Re: Castle Statue Garden   Wed Mar 02, 2016 5:34 am

(Technically continued from here

Several hours after her conversation with her father, Anri has finished sorting out the weeds that had accumulated over the week. She sits at the base of her favorite statue, an exquisitely lifelike statue of a woman who seemed to be in the middle of fighting for her life. One of the few in the garden with no known identity, lost to time.

".... But then he started talking about succession, and every plan I had in my head just.... Disappeared. I don't know. It's not like I don't already help run the country anyway, but that's too much to think about right now... Mom and Dad had so long together before he had to take the throne, I don't want to worry about that yet."

It was easier for Anri to pour her worries out to the statues than to anyone else. After all, they were mostly only small worries anyway. The statues wouldn't judge her, or stress themselves out worrying about her, or do something rash to try and help, or anything like that. All they could do was listen, and as far as Anri was concerned, that's all she needed. She was strong enough. She only needed to vent.

That's how she justified talking to these inanimate objects at least. Luckily for her it was rare that anyone else came here to listen to her rambling on for hours about everything that happens throughout the kingdom, some of them maybe a bit too secret for prying ears. Most of the people who would be in that area of the castle in were already cleared to know them, but that loops around to the first problem of people thinking she's crazy or something. Not exactly something you want in future queen.

She leans her head against the statue's leg, curling her knees to her chest. "Things are just so crazy right now. I probably wouldn't deal with the conversation very well even without that in mind, and my mind wrapped around trying to fix things every minute of every day. I barely have had time to get a proper night's sleep, let alone come tend to the garden like usual. Maybe I should just take a couple days off and go relax somewhere with Oboro or something. I don't think she's particularly busy right now, but then again I've been too busy to even go find out. Some best friend I am, right? Ah, I shouldn't say that. She understands I've just got a lot on my plate, that's why she's been giving me some space so I don't get distracted."

She turns her head up to look at the darkening sky above. The last rays caught the clouds above in a brilliant orange. I should get some sleep, she thinks. She had been up since before the sun rose anyway. Bed would feel pretty good right now. Maybe she'd even get to sleep in, there shouldn't be any reports for her tomorrow, other than Fio's recon, everything she was overseeing directly had finished up in the last few days. Unless something happened to Fio, any reports should be going to someone else first. Maybe this was the best time for her to take those days off, she thought.

Unfortunately, she would not make it to bed. Several days of very little sleep catch up to her right there, and before she knows it she goes from thinking about going to bed, to dreaming about it, propped up there against a statue. Her back probably would not be happy in the morning, but at least she would sleep undisturbed.
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PostSubject: Re: Castle Statue Garden   Wed Feb 01, 2017 1:16 am

The evening finds a certain guest visitor in the castle, wandering through the castle garden. The princess wasn't here at present, so she was allowed to take a look around. She seems interested by all the statues of heroes past, even melancholic at some. She freezes, however, as she takes a glance at a few in particular. They seemed so...

Suddenly, footsteps alerted her someone else was coming. Instinctively, she runs around the end of the line of statues and hides behind a nearby bush. The person walking in seemed to be one of the silver knights; the knight in black, Eli. He stands in front of one of the statues she was just looking at and stares at it, with a forlorn look on his face. In fact, his gaze seems to fix on two adjacent statues, of a boy and a girl. After a few minutes, he begins to speak to himself.


"Hah... Still nothin... It's been, what, how many years now...?"

What's he doing...?

"Every time I look at these two, I get that tinge of familiarity... But that's about all I get. It's all well and good telling everyone I'm alright, but this is just getting annoying now..."

"Heeeey! I thought I'd find you here, gloomy gus~" Comes a more cheerful voice from afar. It was the mage she saw meander about the castle as if without a care in the world...

"Oh, hey there, little miss. Wanted me for something?"

"I noticed you walking up here after dinner with that dour look on your face! That always means you're gonna come here and stare at these statues..."

"Hah... Got me figured out, do ya? And I don't really have that silly look on my face when I go up here, do I?" He grins lightly at her, with sunken eyes.

"C'mon, big guy. You know you can tell me if anything's on your mind. After what you did for me last year..."

"I don't recall anything special I did."

"Aw, don't give me any of that 'just doing my job'. You and Mr. Detective helped me out of a real tight spot, and you even opened up to me. I know you don't do that with just anyone!"

"Well, what can I say? I suppose we were kindred spirits in a way, at the time."

"Speaking of which, anything come to mind yet?"

He shakes his head. "Still blanks. It's starting to get frustrating, knowing how close it feels like I get but nothing happens..."

The guest's eyes widen as she hears this. Blanks? Memory loss? Could it be...?

"I'm sorry, big guy. I know it must be hard... But you shouldn't try and push yourself too hard, either. You're not gonna get anything other than headaches if you keep on trying this every other day!"

"Hah, I suppose you're right. I just can't help but feel some sort... Familiarity to these figures, despite their belonging to the distant past. Whether it be from ancestry or something else, I have no idea..."

"I understand. I'd have prolly freaked if I saw a statue of my sis when I was in that situation." She stares up at the statues, wondering what this sense of connection meant.

"Since I was found that day, I've longed to be able to feel like anyone else. Something inside me has... Rung hollow for the longest time. Like something so very precious to me has fallen beneath my grasp."

He looks down at his hands, as though they missed holding something that could no longer be held.

"A fleeting image of a little girl, no older than 12, with blonde hair and vague facial features flashes in my mind. And... That's it. Nothing else has sprung in mind for all this time..."

"If only there were more detail to her, we could help you find that girl... It's a long shot, but..."

"That's alright. Something tells me... She might not be around anymore, at least the way she was in that image. I don't know why... Call it a hunch, I guess."

The two stand in silence for a while, as does their guest. Eventually, the girl speaks up.

"Hey... Ready to go down now? Thinking about this for so long without answers won't help you. Besides, Sis is probably finishing her lessons now and she freaks out if I'm not already home when she gets back without telling her..."

"Heh, gotta obey curfew, eh? That's alright. Moping around like this isn't really me anyway. Maybe I'll go ask Rey if he's up for a late spar."

She pats him on the back as they turn and begin to walk away. "Don't worry, big guy. You'll find what you're missing again someday, I know it."

"Thanks, little miss." He grins softly at her. As they walk out of sight, the guest pops out of the bushes and looks towards another statue across from her.

"...Blonde hair, eh...?"
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PostSubject: Re: Castle Statue Garden   

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Castle Statue Garden
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