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 What would (insert character)'s kids be like?

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Mister Doctor Professor Yikkario
Mister Doctor Professor Yikkario

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What would (insert character)'s kids be like? Empty
PostSubject: What would (insert character)'s kids be like?   What would (insert character)'s kids be like? Icon_minitimeTue Mar 15, 2016 8:13 am

I will answer when I'm more awake

I'm more awake.

Yoren: He'd probably spoil his kids somewhat, similar to how he does with Ina. But they'd hopefully not be brats for it.

Roland: Respectful, quiet kids.

Ember: Can she have kids?

Ina: Her kids would prolly have lots of energy, but be sweet natured.

Lily-Anne: So much training for those poor kids. Or super doting mom.

Clorica: Sleepy *shot*

Teia: Probably good with figures like their mom, but hopefully not as trusting of men in dark alleys

Lyanna: Ditzy sciencegrill has ditzy kids

Royce: who knows

Gwen: polite and good at things that need focus

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Quis Sum
Quis Sum

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What would (insert character)'s kids be like? Empty
PostSubject: Re: What would (insert character)'s kids be like?   What would (insert character)'s kids be like? Icon_minitimeTue Mar 15, 2016 10:53 pm

Trais: Probably either really dopey or really curious. I bet they’d be the kind to be attached to their parents until adulthood.
Desna: Amplification through genes. Basically just a more Desna Desna. Unless they end up smart, which is entirely possible. Then we get a Desna that tries to be consciously less Desna.
Tias: Heh. Fisherwoman’s kids.
Asteikko: Think of those kids that go to private schools since kindergarten and are always dressed really nicely. Now add a double helping of snob.
Styla: They’d probably be just like how Styla and Luke are now, considering Styla takes after Lina pretty well.
Othello: The legacy of shy lives on.
Maya: Probably just like their mom. Maaaybe a bit more energetic, with a more marbled personality. Not much, though, most likely.
Comet: Either science or left in eternal daycare or something.
Ardon: I’ll get back to you on this one. I expect they would become a knight, or something, though.
Monica: Spoiled to hell and back.
Dhaein: Probably would end up just like Trais. Might as well be his foster son at this point. In a not very son-like way, though.
Beatrice: Probably overly analytical and bookish. Probably sleeps everywhere and loses track of time.
Stella: Probably suffers through an extremely overbearing mother that doesn’t want her kid to be like her. Scaly, we can say for sure.
Laer: I don’t think they would be anything except the-rich-kid-with-goofball-streak.
Nathaniel: Honesty and dedication to the maximum.
Makoto: Squirrels.
Jeanne: Probably a very relaxed sort of kid. Maybe like Fleur in a way.
Fleur: Most likely would be knightly, but joke at mom when she talks like a pirate.
Gul’ka: Definitely a gunkid. They’d either be super quiet or super talkative.
Ignis: Kid in a suit. Monocle optional. Nice hair and perfect teeth. Short.
Yuffie: Like mother like kid. No pocket is safe.


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What would (insert character)'s kids be like? Empty
PostSubject: Re: What would (insert character)'s kids be like?   What would (insert character)'s kids be like? Icon_minitimeSun May 22, 2016 12:31 am

Athena- As hotblooded and heroic as their mother. Probably spends a lot of time designing cooler and cooler outfits to look even more heroic.
Luke- probably on the mystical side, and rather excitable like their dad and grandmother. If female, would inherit Valkyrian bloodline powers.
Sam- submissive
Adele- Probably somewhat shy, unlike their mother. Good singer like her, though.
Elsie- Probably on the laid back side, with some magical prowess. Likely likes to eat, specifically certain foods.
Tiamat- Probably better at thinking things through than her mother. Just as prone to oversleeping, however.
Flam- slimy
Rey- Strict on themselves, but noble and kindhearted, a chip off the ol' block.
Miyuki- Likely about as dutiful as their mother, and a fine future leader of the clan. Probably has the odd habit of acting like a cat on occasions.
Richard- As overly serious and dutiful as their father, with maybe a hint more of mischief.
Sybil- Likely either very shy like her, or very outgoing. Either way, probably pretty smart and caring, like her.
Samus- Not as serious as her for the most part. Shameless flirt. Not much like her, come to think of it.
Alma- Kind and caring, of course. Probably good with small, mathematics-based things like counting stock or managing money.
Cordelia- Tsundere
Aqua- hopefully less forgetful
Lenna- do you really want to be asking a former man to bear children right now
Takeo- hopefully not as undead
Yamato- Stylish ninja
Natsu- Likely not as serious as their dad. Probably rather competitive with others.
Sakura- See above shy healers
Mia- Inherits the family heroic bloodline
Fi- Who knows
Carmine- fairy
Aquila- Probably scatterbrained, and a big eater. Good hunter, though.
Tsubaki- Likely more on the goofy side than her mother. Probably not as studious, but retains her justice-loving.
Sunny- monkey
Gaius- Saizo VI. Maybe.
Joseph- foxpenguin
Troy- Likely more of a savage compared to their dad, but still with his kind heart and probably some of his naivete.
Selkie- foxwolf
Leon- Likely as much of a flirt.
Axel- hopefully not as egomaniacal. Or thick.
Trucy- performer at heart
Art- can turn into things
Kiwi- Always happy and enthusiastic about everything. Adorable as a result. Somewhat clingy.
Luna- bunbunbun
Aeris- Draconic. Likely retains fondness of flowers.
Valentine- Likely as spoiled as she is
Chaka- wild
Flint- Can't have any
Thea- Religious
Felicia- Likely clumsy, if well-meaning. Spoiled by her mother, aunt, and who would most likely be their godmother.
Drake- Heroic
Azura- Good singer
Miles D'Alberto- Controlling
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What would (insert character)'s kids be like? Empty
PostSubject: Re: What would (insert character)'s kids be like?   What would (insert character)'s kids be like? Icon_minitime

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What would (insert character)'s kids be like?
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