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 Niles x Azama supports

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PostSubject: Niles x Azama supports   Niles x Azama supports Icon_minitimeWed Mar 30, 2016 10:44 pm

C Support:

Niles: Well, well, well... If it isn't the irreverent monk.

Azama: Oh my. I'm flattered that you recognized me with only one eye.

Niles: Tsk. You should watch your tongue, little monk.

Azama: No, I think I'm quite alright.

Niles: ...Was there any reason you came to see me?

Azama: Oh, not at all! Just wanted to check to see if the rumors were true.

Niles: If you're trying to bait me with rumors about me, it won't work. I know I'm the subject of many a sordid tale.

Azama: They say that, for a Nohrian, you have exceptionally bad hair.

Niles: ...They say what now.

Azama: Ahaha! Don't get too flustered. It's quite charming, really.

Niles: ...

Azama: Oh, would you look at that! I'm late for my meditation! I suppose I'll see you later.

B Support:

Niles: Azama.

Azama: Yes?

Niles: I discovered you've been telling everyone from Nohr that they have bad hair.

Azama: And what of it? I didn't expect you to be so concerned over this, I must say.

Niles: I'm just surprised you're such a shallow person.

Azama: Oh, please. I can be as deep as I want. It's probably for the better I don't go around all day reminding people that life is short, tragic, and ultimately meaningless.

Niles: ...That's exactly what you do.

Azama: Is it?

Niles: I think you just like to see what makes others squirm... Perhaps we're not so different, you and I.

Azama: I beg to differ! I, for instance, take extreme care of my hair.

Niles: If you think you can needle me that way, you're out of luck.

Azama: Now, now, don't give me that look. Oh! I'm late for my meditation! Farewell for now!

A Support:

Azama: Niles, stop delaying the inevitable.

Niles: Tsk. How did you see me lurking there? Your eyes are shut.

Azama: It is only by discarding outer sight that one gains access to inner vision.

Niles: I'm delighted to hear that. Now, tell me, why do you like making others suffer?

Azama: Suffer? That sounds pointlessly cruel. You are full of sin. Stop interrupting my meditation.

Niles: As I thought. You're nothing but air.

Azama: Oho! Is air a bad thing to be? You're nothing but flesh, after all.

Niles: You really don't care about me, do you?

Azama: Why is caring so important? We all meet our destined end, whether with zeal or apathy.

Niles: ...We're a lot alike, you and I.

Azama: I can see a few crucial differences.

Niles: Like what?

Azama: You're full of sin, and I'm trying to meditate. Begone! ...Unless you'd like to stay. Silently, of course.

Niles: Eh, why not.

Azama: ...

Niles: (He's more honest than I thought. I like that.)

S Support:

Niles: That's enough of that.

Azama: Oh, if it isn't the sinful one! How have you been doing? Not that any of this existence matters.

Niles: You're very twisted, for a monk.

Azama: I beg to differ! I'm not twisted at all, and I'm honest.

Niles: You're blunt and pointed. Is that honesty?

Azama: Of course it is - a holy man has said so!

Niles: Heh. I thought it would come to this.

Azama: Come to what?

Niles: I'm twisted. I pride myself on that. I find it hard to trust anyone, after my past. I'm sure you've heard rumors of my dark history.

Azama: What kind of holy man listens to dark rumors? You have a rather poor opinion of me.

Niles: I think pretty highly of you. We're a lot alike.

Azama: Your stubbornness about that is worrisome.

Niles: I would like to take you as my husband.

Azama: Oho! There's something you don't hear every day.

Niles: I'm serious. I trust you more than just anyone. You don't care about anything, and I like that.

Azama: You make me sound like some heartless monster! I assure you there are things I care about - very strongly, too.

Niles: Hmm?

Azama: Like... you. For the short remainder of our mortal lives, I will cherish you.

Niles: Heheheheh... This will be fun...

Azama: Have I mentioned how sinful you are?

Niles: That just makes life so much more delicious. Come, my love.

Azama: Oh dear.

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Niles x Azama supports
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