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 Sans and Chiffon's room.

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Sans and Chiffon's room. Empty
PostSubject: Sans and Chiffon's room.   Sans and Chiffon's room. Icon_minitimeWed Apr 06, 2016 11:49 am

Entering this room, is almost like stepping into another world when compared to the rest of Ruin. Inside the soft pink walls and white floor are accented by bold red wall curtains, and a soft, plush red rug, giving it a valentine's day, or honeymoon suite feel. Beyond the curtains, instead of windows, there are pictures and drawings, as Chiffon is a talented artist. Some of these are of her and her friends in Ruin, while others are of her and Toriel, from their time traveling the world in the name of monsters everywhere. Against one of the walls, at the center sits San's and Chiffon's bed, easily classifiable as an "ultra king size" (Chi likes her spread space). The bottom sheet is white, while the upper sheet and pillow cases or red satin, finally with a plush pink top blanket. Atop the bed, sits a veritable horde of stuffed toys, of many shapes and sizes, indicating that Chiffon (and her love of cute things) had a largely deciding voice in the decoration of the room. However, closer inspection of the frame of the bed would yield that it is extremely thick, and made of sturdy metal, which was then bolted to the floor. Chiffon always has little qualms with letting people enter the room, usually happy to discuss her 127 stuffed toys, and their names.

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Sans and Chiffon's room.
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