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 The Super Ultra Mighty Koopa Bros. the Great

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Quis Sum
Quis Sum

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PostSubject: The Super Ultra Mighty Koopa Bros. the Great   Thu Jun 02, 2016 11:49 pm

Four ultra-powerful Ninjakoopa siblings known for their cunning and power, who serve as King Bowser's elite ninja squad, carrying out reconnaissance and espionage as necessary. They are said to lead a squad of lesser Ninjakoopas, and are famous across the island as kings of the Koopas, and especially for their secret technique. However, nobody who has seen their Shell-Stack Tower Attack has lived to tell the tale, giving them a shroud of mystery.[everybody knows about it and has likely seen it]

There are four members, known only by their colors:
Red Ninjakoopa:
Black Ninjakoopa:
Yellow Ninjakoopa:
Green Ninjakoopa:


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The Super Ultra Mighty Koopa Bros. the Great
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