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PostSubject: Ztarbucks   Tue Jun 07, 2016 11:44 pm

Somewhere in the volcano sits a nice little coffee shop, glowing with a pleasant light within the volcano. Inside there are several soldiers going about their day, casually drinking coffee and snacking away. Is this the employee break area? Above the counter and the front door are strange signs of a black star.

Mushroom Coffee - A drink made from coffee beans and mushrooms. Costs 20 coins.

Koopa Tea - A delectable tea made from Turtley Leaves. Costs 20 coins.

Syrup Coffee - A drink made from coffee beans and syrup. Costs 20 coins.

Fire Coffee - A spicy drink made from coffee beans and Fire Flowers. Costs 30 coins.

Star Coffee - A drink made from coffee beans and star pieces. Costs 100 coins.

Ztar Coffee - A drink made from unknown ingredients. Is this even coffee? It's a Ztarbucks secret recipe! Costs 150 coins.

Cake - A pretty slice of cake with a strawberry on top. Costs 40 coins.

Healthy Salad - A salad made from Turtley leaves and mushrooms. Costs 25 coins.

Dangerous Delight - A dangerous dish made from a poison mushroom. Tastes great, but you may feel weak after eating it. Costs 100 coins.

Bowser Cake - A delicious looking cake in the shape of Bowser's face. Decorated with Fire flowers. Costs 200 coins.

Bowser Coin - A commemorative coin with Bowser's Face engraved on it. Costs 100 coins.

Bowser Tube - A green inner tube with Bowser's face on it. Costs 200 coins.

Super Bowser - An autobiography written by everyone's favorite Koopa King. Costs 500 coins.

Bowser Statue - A solid gold statue of Bowser. Costs 800 coins.

Ztar Piece - An unknown shard. Looks like a piece from a star, only it glows with a shadowy power. Costs 999 coins.

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