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 Pianta Parlor (Koopa City)

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PostSubject: Pianta Parlor (Koopa City)   Pianta Parlor (Koopa City) Icon_minitimeThu Jun 09, 2016 5:28 pm

Similar to the Pianta Parlor in Rogueport, only this one is bigger and more fancy. This Pianta Parlor presents itself as a high class establishment. There are many slot machines and pachinko machines, though there are new games as well. There are some roulette tables, blackjack tables, and even a few arcade tables. In order to play, you must have Pianta Tokens. The exchange rate being 3 coins for 1 token. The prizes are as follows.

Cake Mix - 6 Tokens
Super Shroom - 10 Tokens
Maple Syrup - 14 Tokens
Courage Shell - 15 Tokens
WaBucks Gift Card - 25 Tokens
Life Shroom - 50 Tokens
Jammin' Jelly - 67 Tokens
Ultra Shroom - 67 Tokens
Membership Card - 100 Tokens
Zap Tap - 300 Tokens
Gold Bar - 500 Tokens

In the back is a closed off area, apparently for members only. You can only become a member by trading in 100 Pianta Tokens at the counter for a Membership Card. Behind that door is where members play high-stakes games of poker. Unlike the other Pianta Parlor though, there's an exclusive shop back here for members. Everything is ridiculously pricey though.

Pianta Playing Card Set - 100 Tokens
Complete Super Luigi Series - 250 Tokens
Power Plus Badge - 500 Tokens
Platinum Card (25% discount on all items in Coconut Mall) - 800 Tokens
Gold Bar x3 - 999 Tokens
Gold Don Pianta Statue - 1500 Tokens

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Pianta Parlor (Koopa City)
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