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 Bowser Party!

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Emperor of the Multiverse
Emperor of the Multiverse

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Bowser Party! Empty
PostSubject: Bowser Party!   Bowser Party! Icon_minitimeSun Jul 10, 2016 2:31 am

"Gwahahaha! Welcome puny weaklings to the first in what I hope to be many installments of what I like to call, BOWSER PARTY! For those of you listening in at home, let me share all the juicy details. I have with me four contestants competing for both my amusement, and tonight's grand prize. There can only be one winner, the rest walk away as empty handed losers! So what are these chumps risking their necks for? A huge cash prize! Tonight's winner walks away with a grand total of 1000 coins! As an added bonus, I'll also throw in the number of coins collected during the game. Aren't I the most generous King you've ever had? NOW! Let's meet our contestants! Sitting in the purple corner is that skinny toothpick, Waluigi!"

"Wah ha!"

"In the green corner...Koopa Troopa!"

"Hey, my name's Hal and-

"Yeah nobody cares pal. In the blue corner we have Dumpuss!"

"Um, actually my name's Doopliss-"

"Yeah that's great Dumpuss. Finally in the yellow corner, we have Rawk Hawk!"

"Oooooh yeaaaah! You bet your shell I'm gonna win tonight! There's no way these chumps can defeat the Rawk!"

"Too bad for you this isn't a test of strength. No, here at Bowser Party, EVERYONE has an equal chance of losing! Tonight's board is...Bowser's Greedy Gala!"


"Now listen up losers. I'm only gonna explain things once. Where we're all standing? This is the start of the game. The goal of this board is to find as much money as possible! Find it lying on the ground, in your competitors wallets, win them in games of chance! Or lose it all! Roll the dice and that's how many spaces you get to move. And don't you DARE move anywhere other than the dice block says! Now, let's see what awaits you on these spaces!

Blue spaces are your new best friend. Step on one of these, and I'll give you three coins.
Red spaces are MY new best friend! Step on one of these, I TAKE three coins from you. Step on these all ya want!
See that space with the mushroom on it? That's your Item Space. Step on one of those, and you have a fifty/fifty chance of getting either a Mega Mushroom or a Mini Mushroom. I'll explain those later. If I feel like it.
That Warp Space will launch you to some other player on the board. Only you don't get a say in the matter! I'll spin a wheel to decide your fate for you! No need to thank me!
That space with the bob-omb? That's a battle space! If you land on that, I'm taking anywhere between ten and fifty of everyone's coins and making you all battle it out in a mini-game! The winner gets the majority of the pot! The second place player gets somewhere around half their money back. Third place loser gets a pity coin, and fourth place gets squat!
See that green space with the star on it? That's Chance Time! Land on that and I'll break out the Wheels of Misfortune! Someone's gonna be giving up something to someone else, but we don't know who or what's involved until I spin em all!
Those other green spaces are Happening Spaces! On this board, landing on it will force you to ride a poker chip to the other side of the board.
Finally we have my favorite space...the
Bowser Space! If you land on that, I'll force everyone to play a very special mini-game! Loser hands over ALL their coins in tribute to me! Sound fun?"

"That sounds horrible!"

"Gwahaha, like I care! Now, let's determine what order you're going in. Roll the dice! Whoever gets the highest number goes first!"

"Five? Average I think."
"One?!?! What is this?!"
"Ha, six! Suck on that guys, I'm going first!"

"Got the turn order all figured out? Good! Now we can actually start the game! Oh, but one last thing before you do. Here's a little gift! Ten coins for each of you to get ya started! Don't spend em all in one place! Unless you're giving them back to me!"

Current Standings
First Place: Doopliss: 10 coins
First Place: Hal: 10 coins
First Place: Waluigi: 10 coins
First Place: Rawk Hawk: 10 coins


Here's a link to my bios.
...I finally updated my signature. Welp. That's it. I don't have a joke or anything. You can go home now. Why are you still reading this? You're not getting anything else. Oh okay, fine. Here.
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Emperor of the Multiverse
Emperor of the Multiverse

Posts : 19362
Join date : 2013-07-15
Age : 22
Location : Cipher HQ

Bowser Party! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Bowser Party!   Bowser Party! Icon_minitimeSun Jul 10, 2016 11:54 pm


"Alright kids, stand back and let the master go to work. Hah!"
Doopliss rolls the dice, earning himself a nine.
"Ha! See ya suckers!"
Doopliss runs past the item shop, not wanting to waste his ten coins so early in the game and lands on a Mushroom space. After hitting one of the item boxes, he earns himself a mini mushroom.
"Pink? Guess it'll do..."

"Alright, let's get going! High roll, come on! Come on!"
Hal rolls a five.
"Five again? Alright..."
He lands on a mushroom space. After hitting one of the blocks, he gets a mega mushroom.
"Alright, a mushroom! But what does this do exactly?"
Suddenly, Bowser drops down nearby.
"Alright, guess I'll explain the mushrooms. So listen up! That pink one Dumpuss got's a mini mushroom. Eat it and you become tiny for your turn! You might be able to slip through a few cracks in the board or those pipes scattered around if you really want. But you can also only roll a 1-5. Now that green mushroom is a Mega Mushroom! Eat that and not only do you grow huge for your turn, you get to roll two dice blocks! Crush an enemy and you can steal ten coins right out of their wallet!"
"Alright I think I can work with that..."
"Have fun with that! It'll make it all the more fun to watch!"
"Alright everybody shut up! It's Waluigi Time now!"
Waluigi rolls a nine.
"Wa hah! Now that's what Waluigi's talkin about!"
He runs to his space and hits the item block, earning a mini mushroom.
"Mini?! Come on!"
"You too, slick?"
Rawk Hawk rolls an eight, landing on a blue space.
"YES! Three coins for me! The Rawk's in the lead, baby!"

"Enjoy it while you can, because now it's time for the end of turn Minigame! So here's how this is gonna work. I have a lot of games for you to play, and I mean a LOT. And I'm gonna choose one at random. Because I'm Bowser, and you're not. It's good to be Bowser! Now let's see what you'll be playing today...Hide and Go BOOM! A fine game!"

"Hide and go what now?"

"QUIET! Bring in the cannons!"

Four Shy Guys wheel in four cannons.

"Here's how this is gonna work. Since bird brain over there's the only one who landed on a blue space, he's gonna be the odd one out here. You turn around and close your eyes. And no peeking! As for the rest of you, you're gonna get in these cannons. Bird brain's got three chances to get all of ya. If he picks the cannon you're hiding in, you go BOOM! If he doesn't get all of you though, your team wins and you each get ten coins! If he gets all of you though, you LOSE, and he gets ten coins. Now get to hiding! You've got ten seconds!"

"Then seconds?! This is crazy!"
"Quit yackin' and start hidin'! And stay outta my cannon!"
"Waluigi pick this one..."
"Nine...ten! Now which one to go for...that one!"
"Alright, that's one of you down! Next!"
"Two down, one to go! Eenie meenie miney you!"
He lights the cannon...only for it to be a dud. Waluigi then hops out of the remaining cannon and does the crotch chop.
"Wah ha ha, WAH! Waluigi's the winner!"
"What?! cheated! Somehow!"
"Now wasn't that fun? I love a good explosion or two! Waluigi dances over Rawk Hawk's dreams of victory and walks away with ten coins! Now let's take a look at the standings!"

First Place: Doopliss: 20 coins
First Place: Hal: 20 coins
First Place: Waluigi: 20 coins
Last Place: Rawk Hawk: 13 coins

Two Lakitus carry Hal and Doopliss back onto the board.

"Oww...wait. Did we win?"
"Of course we won! You had Waluigi on your team! You two should really put in more effort, Waluigi can't carry you through the whole game!"
"Tch, I don't need you, slick. That was just dumb luck..."

Here's a link to my bios.
...I finally updated my signature. Welp. That's it. I don't have a joke or anything. You can go home now. Why are you still reading this? You're not getting anything else. Oh okay, fine. Here.
Go crazy.
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Emperor of the Multiverse
Emperor of the Multiverse

Posts : 19362
Join date : 2013-07-15
Age : 22
Location : Cipher HQ

Bowser Party! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Bowser Party!   Bowser Party! Icon_minitimeWed Jul 20, 2016 2:39 am


"Alright, let's go! Come on, big roll...three? Lame..."
Doopliss moves up to the giant roulette wheel where Bowser jumps down from nowhere.
"Welcome to Bowser's Wheel of Fate! Now I'm only going to give this explanation once, so the rest of you chumps listen up! When one of you makes it here, I'm gonna spin this wheel. Wherever it says you're going, you're going! No crying and no respins, all decisions final! I even color coded the board for ya, so no excuses! Oh, but there's one catch. If you get lucky and get a star, you get a 20 coin prize and can choose where you wanna go! Now that we got that outta the way, let's spin!"

Bowser spins the wheel with a lot of force and hurls a metal ball onto it. When they eventually stop, the ball lands on a purple arrow.

"Purple area it is! Come back soon! Gwahaha!"
Bowser punts Doopliss across the board and onto the starting point of the purple quadrant.
"Ouch, least I get a blue space. Gimmie my coins!"

"Alright, let's see what this Mega Mushroom can do!"
He swallows the mushroom whole and grows huge.
"Woah, awesome! Come on, let's see a good roll with this! Let this rocket me into the lead!"
He rolls an 8, then a 4.
"Ready or not, here I come Waluigi!"
"What the- WAUGH!"
Waluigi gets crushed by Hal, who steals 10 of his coins in the process and walks up to the roulette.
"Hey I saw what you did to skinny old Waluigi over there, nice work! Now let's see where this wheel takes ya! If you're lucky you can take freak sheet's money too! ...Aww, too bad! Green, back around you go!"
Bowser breathes fire at Hal, forcing him upwards. He lands right where his turn would end, on the blue space behind the mushroom space he started, where he shrinks.
"Oww, he burned my least I got 13 coins this turn."
"Ten of those belong to Waluigi! Waluigi no like you, turtle! Come on game, make this up. Waluigi wanna see high number! ...Three is not a high number!"
"The wheel's not looking any luckier for you, skinny. I already spun it while you were complaining. Back around the board you go!"
Bowser throws a Bob-omb at Waluigi that explodes, sending him to where his turn would end. The blue space between the mushroom spaces at the green quadrant.
"Everybody cheating but Waluigi..."
"Alright, time to RAWK back to first place! ...What's with these low rolls?!"
He moves a single space in front of him, and hits a mushroom block, earning him a mini mushroom.
"Alright! Time to choose the next minigame! Now since everyone but chicken fingers landed on a blue space, I'm gonna make it another 1 V 3 game! Let's go with an old classic! Tug o' War!"

Lakitu's fly everyone up to a set with twin mountain peaks. Rawk stands on one, Hal, Waluigi, and Doopliss stand on the other.

"Alright, the rules are simple! You're on two teams! The yellow chicken's flying solo, and the rest of you losers are working together. The team that pulls the other team off their mountain and tumbling back down to the board wins 15 coins! But here's the catch, I'm not footing the bill here! The losers are! So be careful! Or don't! It's not my money you're throwing away!"

Both teams pick up their end of the rope and start tugging.

"Ugh...hey, you're elbowing me in the eye! Get your misshapen arms out of my face!"
"Shut up and pull!"
"Hey guys, what's he doing over there?"

Rawk Hawk does one big tug and sends the other team tumbling down, taking advantage of their uncooperative nature.

"YEAH! Don't feel bad, it's only natural to lose against THE RAWK! Now give me my prize money!"

"Alright, time for the losers to hand over the prize money! Five coins from each of you, let's go! Here, I'll throw up the standings for you in case you can't do basic math. Here's the money everyone should have!"

First Place: Rawk Hawk: 28 Coins
Second Place: Hal: 25 Coins
Third Place: Doopliss: 18 Coins
Last Place: Waluigi: 8 Coins

"Waaaugh...minor setback! Waluigi gonna take back his money, and his first place standing!"
"Keep dreaming little man! Just stay comfy at the bottom and look up in awe at THE RAWWWWK!"
"Ugh, does he have to be so loud?"
"I think my shell cracked..."
"Hey, you can always buy another one at Waluigi's place! Green's outdated anyway, Waluigi set you up with a nice purple one. Gonna make you look very good, very fabulous. Waluigi no like you though after you crush him and take his money, so gonna tack on an extra ten coins to the standard price. Sound good, right? I'll send you the bill later!"
"H-Hey, I didn't agree to buying anything yet!"
"Oh, Waluigi's very flexible when it comes to customer consent. Waluigi knows what you want, so he choose for you. Gonna be good, trust me!"
"HEY! Quit the advertising! No one wants to hear ads on the radio! Now get back to your spaces, I've still got a long game ahead of you!"

Here's a link to my bios.
...I finally updated my signature. Welp. That's it. I don't have a joke or anything. You can go home now. Why are you still reading this? You're not getting anything else. Oh okay, fine. Here.
Go crazy.
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PostSubject: Re: Bowser Party!   Bowser Party! Icon_minitime

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Bowser Party!
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