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PostSubject: Doopliss   Tue Jul 12, 2016 5:23 pm

Name: Doopliss
Race: Duplighost
Age: ???
Class: Prankster

Doopliss Battle:

Doopliss is a merchant that works out of his room in the Creepy Steeple. He seems very lazy and childish, not even really caring about his work or about selling anything. He sells all sorts of magical items, but most if not all of them have some sort of catch. He also seems to slap price tags on them at random, not knowing or caring what the true value of the item is. He more often overcharges for items than undercharges, but there are quite a few things he has that you can't get anywhere else. When he does sell something though, he seems to get some sort of sadistic pleasure when things go wrong for the buyer. He also seems to goad potential thieves into attempting to rob him, taking great delight in the opportunity to curse them without penalty. He can't fight legitimate paying customers, but he's fully within his rights to defend his merchandise. A rule he exploits as much as he can. His true motivations are unknown, though he can often be found at the Not So Shy Bar after he makes a sale. So if anything can be inferred about him, it's that he's a pervert.

Here's a link to my bios.
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