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 Spymaster's Report: Kamek Koopa

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PostSubject: Spymaster's Report: Kamek Koopa   Sun Nov 13, 2016 3:29 am

Case Study: Kamek Koopa

Date: July 22nd, 2005
Reporter: Spymaster [REDACTED]
Mission: Exploratory, reconnaissance
Objective: Learn details on Koopa Island and its leaders.
Method: Arrive via small ship and attempt to blend in with the local population.
Approved by: King Boreal Vitalis

Case Summary: Kamek appears to be the second in command of Bowser's army. King Bowser's right hand man. Kamek appears to run the day to day operations of the Kingdom while Bowser schemes in his castle. From what I've seen, he also seems to play the role of Bowser's caretaker. Odd considering Bowser isn't old or in need of any special care. After doing a little digging, I've discovered that Kamek is Bowser's adoptive father. I believe that plays a role in the relationship. In public at least, the relationship appears strictly professional as Kamek obeys Bowser's orders without hesitation or question. One might reasonably theorize that Kamek pulls the strings behind closed doors, but after eavesdropping on a number of their conversations, I have come to the conclusion that such a theory is incorrect. Bowser is without a doubt the ultimate authority on the island, although he is still receptive to Kamek's suggestions at times. He also appears to enjoy a side career as a Prosecutor, called upon to handle cases of great significance. I myself witnessed his abilities in court during my stay. He was called upon to prosecute in a murder trial, a very rare event for the Kingdom as the murder rate is incredibly low.

Public Perception: Kamek is well liked by the populace. He has a reputation for being a stern boss but friendly off duty. Koopas in particular seem to look up to him as he is one of the wiser Koopas on the island and he has the ear of the King. He also appears to have some amount of fame as the greatest wizard on the island. Koopas in general don't seem to have a strong affinity for magic, but Kamek has dedicated his life to magical pursuits and is quite possibly the greatest Koopa wizard at this moment in time. He also enjoys a reputation as the highest ranked Prosecutor in the country. He only handles cases of great significance and is feared in the courtroom.

Opinions: His rank of Second in Command is well earned. Not only does he perform his daily duties well, he is exceptionally powerful for a Koopa. Underestimating his magical ability would prove to be a fatal mistake. He seems to be of above average intelligence, although he is not immune to being tricked. In the trial I witnessed, he was fooled by false evidence presented by the very detective assigned to the case and built his entire case around it. He seemed quite angry about it when the defense attorney pointed it. So angry in fact that he had the detective in charge arrested on the spot. While he can have an arrogant attitude in court, he does appear to have a sense of justice. Overall I'd say he's a good person. If we were to pursue friendly relations with the Koopa Kingdom, I don't believe he would stand in the way. If we were to go to war however, he would be one of our biggest threats in said war. A threat that I would recommend we take care of as quickly as possible should it come to that.

Contingency Plan: In the event it is decided that Kamek should be removed, I believe the subtle approach to be the best method. In a direct one on one confrontation between Kamek and the average assassin, I would bet money on Kamek. I believe it would be best to eliminate him in his sleep. It won't be easy however. Kamek's bedroom door is guarded by at least two Koopatrols at all times. I have noticed a blind-spot near his bedroom window that we can take advantage of. If one were to scale the walls under cover of darkness and climb into his bedroom through the window on the third floor, one could quickly and silently eliminate Kamek and use the entry method as the escape route. I would recommend an agent with great stamina to undertake this particular assassination plan.

Another plan would require extensive knowledge on magical reagents. Kamek experiments with magic quite often in his personal study. If one were to tamper with one of his experiments and leave before he got back, Kamek would become the victim of a tragic accident. This method won't be easy either as the only entrance to his study is guarded by at least one guard. I have noticed however that one of the guards in question is quite the dullard and often falls asleep. It may be possible to simply slip past the guard during one of his naps if he's alone. One might also convince him that you're there to relieve him of his shift if an adequate disguise is acquired. In either case, simply eliminating the guard is out of the question as it is imperative that no one suspects that anyone other than Kamek has entered the study.

I should mention that I would only recommend the assassination of Kamek should we already be considering a war with the Koopa Kingdom. In which case, I would strongly recommend Kamek's elimination before war is declared. Kamek is one of the greater threats in such a scenario and it would benefit our side greatly if he were removed before the fighting began. As a side effect, losing the well respected Second in Command could throw the army into a state of panic. I expect however that Bowser would personally rally his troops against his enemies and the panic would not last long. In fact, I expect Bowser in particular to be greatly angered in this scenario and strongly motivated by revenge, which admittedly would be a fairly reasonable reaction. After the assassination of Kamek, there would be no turning back.

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Spymaster's Report: Kamek Koopa
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