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 Spymaster's Report: King Boo

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PostSubject: Spymaster's Report: King Boo   Fri Nov 18, 2016 3:13 am

Case Study: King Boo
Date: July 22nd, 2005
Reporter: Spymaster [REDACTED]
Mission: Exploratory, reconnaissance
Objective: Learn details on Koopa Island and its leaders.
Method: Arrive via small ship and attempt to blend in with the local population.
Approved by: King Boreal Vitalis

Case Summary: King Boo is the appointed leader representing the Boo faction on Koopa Island. In the event these reports are being read out of order, I will reiterate here that Boos are a race of spherical ghosts seemingly unique to the island. King Boo is as one would expect, the King among these ghosts. He is significantly larger than the majority of his subjects and wears a large crown indicating his royal status. He typically stays in his mansion within the Forever Forest, though has been known to wander beyond the forest when it suits him. He also has a daughter who goes by Lady Bow who governs part of the Capital City of the Koopa Kingdom. I will go into more detail on that in my report on her. As for King Boo himself, he appears loyal to Bowser despite being dead. King Boo is in no way bound to Bowser, so I have come to the conclusion that he follows Bowser out of respect. He also appears to be quite powerful and is rather fearsome when angered. I witnessed a display of his power when he turned someone into a painting. Alongside his abilities of transmutation he also has abilities one would expect from other ghosts, such as invisibility and the ability to pass through solid objects. Illusions are also something he's quite adept at.

Public Perception: King Boo is often regarded as scary by the population. He is a large ghost of course and he does enjoy scaring the living. He is by no means hostile however. King Boo and his subjects seem to have no interest in really tormenting people, they simply enjoy lighthearted pranks. While some Boos can get up to more mischief than others, King Boo himself frowns upon pranks that go into criminal territory. The mortals of the Koopa Kingdom aren't very knowledgeable on King Boo, but I have personally met with King Boo and have come to know several of his subjects. His subjects hold him in extremely high regard and from what I've witnessed, they almost seem more like playmates than King and subjects. It's an unusual relationship, but a positive one.

Opinions: Surprisingly pleasant for a Ghost King. I've had pleasant conversations with the man and he's a fairly reasonable person. All of his subjects admire him and he's quite passionate about them in turn. I witnessed what happens to people who endanger his subjects. The last I saw of one of his enemies, he was hanging above King Boo's mantelpiece. Not a bad artist either I must say. As long as one doesn't provoke him or torment his people, he poses no threat. He is of course loyal to King Bowser, so there is also that to consider. If we were to go to war with the Koopa Kingdom, King Boo does serve as one of Bowser's Generals. He would be a formidable opponent. Defeating him would be very difficult, but not impossible with the right strategy and the right numbers. Although I would highly suggest against it.

Contingency Plan: In the event it's decided King Boo must be dealt with for one reason or another, I have thought of a plan. It's rather difficult already to deal with a ghost since they're already dead, but King Boo is in a class all on his own. Containment is really the only option. Now one cannot just waltz into Boo Mansion and suck him up in an everyday vacuum cleaner. That may work for lesser Boos, but not the King Boo. The only way I see to get to King Boo is through his daughter. Should we go through with this, we would need to enact the contingency plan drawn up for Lady Bow. Please review my report on her before reading on. Once we have captured Lady Bow, King Boo would no doubt come after her captors. We must prepare a trap in advance. Once he appears to rescue his daughter, we spring a ghost containment field on him. With him severely weakened and restricted to one area, we can more easily trap him. I would recommend something such as a large soul stone rather than a vacuum cleaner. Have a necromancer bind him to a soul stone and he'll have a much harder time escaping. Provided the necromancer doesn't do anything foolish afterward, they may do with the stone as they like. As for what happens to Lady Bow, I leave to the discretion of my superiors. Though if you want my opinion, she's nowhere near as fearsome as her father. Should you feel pity for her, releasing her would not be the end of the world. Though should you prefer to leave no loose ends like myself, I recommend she share the same fate as her father. In a way, it's almost more merciful that way really.

As I keep repeating throughout the Koopa Island folder however, a war with the Koopa Kingdom is NOT recommended. We have more to gain as allies than enemies, and this contingency plan like the others should only be considered as a last resort.

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Spymaster's Report: King Boo
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