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 The Shéng Family

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PostSubject: The Shéng Family   Fri Nov 18, 2016 4:51 am

One of two large noble families of notable import and history through Drachurst and other countries comprised mostly of Otherkin and other beastfolk. Although the families are more or less on good terms now, their histories have had small wars between each other every now and again. Between them, most if not all recorded generations have held at least one person theorized to represent the Jipangese Zodiac's animals.

The Shéng Family are most infamous for their long lineage of powerful warriors, with exemplary physical strength and weapon prowess, among other qualities.

-Notable Family Members-
Sagittarius Shéng- The first recorded man in history with the name Shéng. A centaur of near legendary status in Drachurst's history as one of the first Silver Knights, most famous for his unparalleled skill with a bow.

Souma Shéng- Current head of the Shéng family

Metera Shéng- Wife of Souma, birth mother of the future head.

Petrine Shéng- Wife of Souma, mother of the future head.

Mika Shéng- Next in line for the title of head of the family.

Peko Pekoyama- Taken in by the family. Raised into Mika's bodyguard.

Kintaro Shéng- Firstborn son, elder of a set of twins birthed by Petrine, shares tiger blood (tentative)

Katera Shéng- Younger of a set of twins birthed by Petrine (tentative)

Kenshiro "Ken" Shéng- A former legendary hero, the so-called Monkey King, part of a group that has only relatively recently saved the entire world. Now semiretired and a doting husband and father of two girls.

Mary Shéng- The doted on wife and mother, a little lamb whose fleece was white as snow.

Narumaya Shéng- Older of two sisters. Short in stature, but big in levels of smothering.

Sunny Shéng- Younger of two sisters. Tries to act mature, sometimes fails.

Lars Shéng- Pigman who has evidently turned to a life of crime for some reason.

Kuriko Shéng- Wife of Pigman.

Adalbert Shéng- Lars' son, graduate of the knight academy and former weakling. Once accused of murdering a classmate.

Oushi Shéng- Former instructor at the knight academy, took Peko in and raised and trained her into Mika's bodyguard, as she is today. Strong as an ox.
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The Shéng Family
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