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 The Cardow Family [unfinished cuz late]

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PostSubject: The Cardow Family [unfinished cuz late]   Fri Nov 18, 2016 5:39 am

One of two large noble families of notable import and history through Drachurst and other countries comprised mostly of Otherkin and other beastfolk. Although the families are more or less on good terms now, their histories have had small wars with each other every now and again. Between them, most if not all recorded generations have held at least one person theorized to represent the Jipangese Zodiac's animals.

The Cardow Family are most infamous for their history of powerful mages, and a significant chunk of magical advances throughout history have been directly or indirectly thanks to them.

-Notable Family Members-
Circe Cardow

Hazel Cardow

Mizuki Cardow

Orchid Cardow

Tsubasa Cardow

[long list of bunkids and stuff goes here]
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The Cardow Family [unfinished cuz late]
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