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 Spymaster's Report: Lady Bow

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PostSubject: Spymaster's Report: Lady Bow   Fri Nov 18, 2016 10:56 pm

Case Study: Lady Bow
Date: July 22nd, 2005
Reporter: Spymaster [REDACTED]
Mission: Exploratory, reconnaissance
Objective: Learn details on Koopa Island and its leaders.
Method: Arrive via small ship and attempt to blend in with the local population.
Approved by: King Boreal Vitalis

Case Summary: Lady Bow is one of four governors appointed to run Koopa City, the Capital of the Koopa Kingdom. She runs the section of the city inhabited mostly by Boos, and is herself a Boo. She runs her section of the city from a building known as the Creepy Steeple, her office within providing her an adequate window overlooking the rest of the city. As the daughter of King Boo, she could be considered the Boo Princess although I have not witnessed anyone refer to her as such. Her preferred title is "Lady" and I will be referring to her as such for the remainder of the report. Her status as Governor is shared with three others. King Bob-omb, General Guy, and Don Pianta. From what I have observed, there does not appear to be any sort of power struggle between the four governors. Lady Bow seems content with her section of the city. She also seems to be accompanied by a butler at all times, even if he's not seen.

Public Perception: Lady Bow is well liked by the citizens. She's quite popular with the undead residents as one might expect, but she has a good reputation with the living as well. Some mortals prefer her section of the city for its more quiet and antique feel, which I must admit I appreciate as well. Her section of the city is especially popular with the dead and those already one foot in the grave. She's well known for helping the recently departed find their way as new Boos. As a side note, there are whispers of people interested in her for...less innocent reasons. If you don't mind, I'd prefer to leave it at that.

Opinions: I've met with Lady Bow personally on several different occasions. I see no reason whatsoever to consider her a threat. While somewhat mischievous, she's by no means evil or malevolent. She takes her job rather seriously, a trait I can respect. She's also shows great concern for her people, becoming visibly upset when some go missing and taking personal interest in such cases. The only thing I find particularly concerning is her association with that freak in the sheet in her basement. I forget his name...Dooliss? Something like that. He was rather unremarkable, just creepy is all. Her odd choice in associates aside, she appears on the up and up. I'd also like to mention that her section of the city is my favorite. Clean, quiet, and I find the atmosphere strangely comforting. I'd also find it rather easy to conduct my business there.

Contingency Plan: In the event it is decided we go to war with the Koopa Kingdom, I don't believe Lady Bow would pose much of a threat. Her father on the other hand would need to be taken care of. Unfortunately, that would require dragging Lady Bow into things. Now we can't kill what's already dead, so containment is our only option. She seems to have above average power for a ghost, but it shouldn't be too much to handle for an agent that knows what they're doing. I would recommend a stealthy agent familiar with necromancy to take this mission. Should the agent confront Lady Bow alone, they may be able to weaken her enough to buy the time required to bind her to a soul stone. Infiltration of the Creepy Steeple shouldn't be too difficult as it is a rather old building that's open to the general public. Lady Bow herself welcomes visitors. If you're lucky, you may find her alone. Though I would prepare to face at least three of her subordinates even if you think you got the drop on her. Boos can render themselves invisible and it's quite possible that there are more in the Creepy Steeple than I witnessed myself. This is why I would recommend someone experienced with Necromancy or at least with ghost hunting. Once she's been bound, the agent may flee the scene and await further instruction on how to deal with King Boo. The contingency plan for him will be detailed in his own file.

I should mention that this plan should ONLY be considered as a last resort. We have more to gain as allies rather than enemies, so I recommend the diplomatic approach first.

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Spymaster's Report: Lady Bow
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