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 Spymaster's Report: Zerdark Gavin

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PostSubject: Spymaster's Report: Zerdark Gavin   Sat Nov 19, 2016 8:17 pm

Case Study: Zerdark Gavin
Date: September 5th, 2005
Reporter: Spymaster [REDACTED]

Case Summary: One of our higher ranking tacticians under Robin Gavin. Has served loyally for a number of years and doesn't appear to harbor any traitorous intent, although I'll keep watch all the same. Seems competent enough for the position he holds. I was somewhat concerned about his rather unprofessional decision to court his direct superior, but it seems to have had no significant impact on their working relationship. So I will let it slide. Subject seems to put on an air of professionalism, though the facade is undone by his adamant refusal to style his hair into something less resembling a homeless man waking up on the wrong side of the cardboard box. I'll be gifting him a hair comb simply to see what he does with it, perhaps he'll take the hint. Subject also seems quite confident in his abilities. Perhaps overconfident in certain situations, though it hasn't killed him yet.

Public Perception: He's not particularly well known for his role as a tactician. He doesn't seem interested in flaunting his position to the masses, a trait I can respect. Doesn't seem to have any enemies, though he keeps his friend count remarkably low as well. Has been known to frequent backroom poker tournaments and is known in certain circles for his skills there. If anything, he's more known for that blue companion of his. Odd spirit named Wheatley. A moron, but supposedly has his uses. Wheatley hasn't caused any real harm, so I won't question it. Oddly enough, he's most famous in the Koopa Kingdom for his role as the Silver Shroud. Some superhero/detective nonsense in a wrestling ring. I wouldn't picture the man as a professional wrestler, but I've documented stranger things in my time. My only concern here is why he chose to spend his vacation there of all places. I can only guess he saw a map in the Rideps residence and wanted to check it out for himself. The man seems to have something of a wanderlust, so I wouldn't put that past him. The island was uncharted on most maps. Probably got excited.

Opinions: Seems loyal enough, if a bit lazy in certain aspects of his life. Wouldn't kill him to invest in a little more personal grooming. How that wife of his puts up with him, I couldn't tell you. Can be rather arrogant at times as well. Perhaps overcompensating for a low self esteem? It's quite possible he isn't quite over some childhood trauma. I'd recommend a look at the DL-6 case file for more information on what I'm talking about. Despite some potential mental issues, I wouldn't call him a threat.

Contingency Plan: In the event he does prove himself to be a threat, it shouldn't be too difficult to dispose of him. He's rightly confident in his abilities, but he's by no means invincible. One might simply poison his coffee. Alternatively, it would be quite simple to poison him at his favorite restaurant. It would surely traumatize Robin Gavin however if she were to witness her husband fall face first into his meal and die. Then again, his death would no doubt compromise her regardless of the situation. One final option would be to simply place a sniper on our gates and pick him off as he leaves the city to visit his parents. We could blame his death on some mob boss he may have wronged during his card games. Furio Tigre would make an adequate scapegoat. In which case, his family may go after him for revenge. We may just kill off two birds with one stone here.

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Spymaster's Report: Zerdark Gavin
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