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 Spymaster's Report: Patchouli Knowledge

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PostSubject: Spymaster's Report: Patchouli Knowledge   Sat Nov 26, 2016 9:11 pm

Case Study: Patchouli Knowledge

Date: November 5th, 2016
Reporter: Spymaster [REDACTED]

Case Summary: The Mayor of Voile and the Keeper of the Great Voile Library. Appears human, but her apparent lifespan and power would suggest otherwise. For the moment, I'll simply list her race as "unknown". She rarely seems to leave the library and from what I've witnessed, can always be found with a book in hand. That is, when she's not using said book as a pillow at the front desk. Possible narcolepsy? Otherwise I'd say she seems quite healthy. She certainly shows no signs of old age or weakness.

Public Perception: She seems well liked by the people inhabiting her city. What I do find curious however is the way everyone follows her rules within the library. Now ordinarily this would be nothing special to pay attention to, but I get the sense that people are nervous around her. Do not misunderstand me, the people most certainly like her. But they're well aware of her vast power and the consequences for disrupting the peace within her library. And so they follow the rules almost religiously as if Patchouli were some sort of God or Guardian Deity. Which she could very well be. I don't know, but I wouldn't rule out the possibility.

Opinions: I personally see no reason to view her as a threat. She seems perfectly content in her city surrounded by books. As long as no one decides to ruin the peaceful life she's set up for herself there, I see no reason why she would make herself a threat to anyone. She seems pleasant enough. In fact, she's quite helpful as she is now. The people like and respect her and she is quite willing to share her wealth of knowledge. It is my opinion that she won't make any moves against us.

Contingency Plan: Allow me to preface this with some context. I have taken down a large variety of opponents in my time. I've personally faced wild beasts, enemy soldiers, monsters, eldritch abominations, mentally defective wizards, and many more. In my career I have painstakingly built a vast network of spies and operatives around Adonia. There are many in this world who owe me favors and would give up their lives in service to me in order to repay their debts. I could call in every single favor I have accumulated over the many years I've been alive, and it would still not be enough to successfully assassinate Patchouli. I pride myself on having a plan in place for everyone I meet. It gives me no pleasure to preemptively admit defeat here, but there is simply nothing to be gained and everything to be lost should we go against this woman. The only plan I have is to simply not provoke her in the first place. As long as no one does anything foolish, we won't need a contingency plan. Should the day come where we do need a contingency plan for her, you'll have my resignation at my earliest convenience.

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Spymaster's Report: Patchouli Knowledge
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