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 Baskerville's Bakery and Café

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Baskerville's Bakery and Café Empty
PostSubject: Baskerville's Bakery and Café   Baskerville's Bakery and Café Icon_minitimeThu Feb 16, 2017 11:45 pm



Baskerville's Bakery and Café Cafe11
(ignore the people and laptop plz, was the best I could find as to a general idea of what this place looks like)

A large café and bakery in the middle of Friezant owned and run by Henry Baskerville and his two assistant waitresses. It has earned some reputation in the area for being a nice place to eat, read, talk, or what have you with some neat cuisine. The menu serves a large variety of blends, as well as an expanding list of baked goods, desserts, and other foodstuffs. Certainly a large expansion for the humble beginnings of the small shop just over a decade ago, under its original owner. During less active work hours, Henry often loiters around his own place, conversing with patrons, reading the papers, listening to the radio or just generally hanging around. While a normally amiable fellow, the topic of his eyepatch is always immediately brushed off.
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Baskerville's Bakery and Café
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