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PostSubject: Fraeu   Mon Feb 20, 2017 4:11 pm

With her father as a child:

Age: 25
Height: 5'10"

The illegitimate daughter of Mensch the Witcher, Fraeu inherited her father's hair, and was given lessons on the use of a sword almost as soon as she could hold a wooden one. Not quite as good as her father with a blade, due to lack of mutations, she's far kinder and far less likely to provoke a monster unless it is actively harming someone than he. Has always had a fondness for wyverns, one her father unsuccessfully tried to quash. At the age of 18, when she left home, she adopted a very young one and named (him/her) [name here idk right now]. Seven years later she's fairly good at fighting with her two-handed longsword from the wyvern's back, and the two have formed a surprising bond. She travels around on wyvernback, looking for jobs to take. Most of these end up involving putting down some kind of threat.

"Don’t do what you can’t undo, until you’ve considered what you can’t do once you’ve done it.”

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