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 Vanessa and Sabine Rose [WIP]

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Vanessa and Sabine Rose [WIP] Empty
PostSubject: Vanessa and Sabine Rose [WIP]   Vanessa and Sabine Rose [WIP] Icon_minitimeFri Mar 24, 2017 12:14 pm


VR-8535 "Vanessa Rose"
Age: ???
Height: Average
Race: Android

A creation of magitech, Vanessa was made to serve the royal family some centuries ago. The way of this making is now lost. "Awakened" about a decade ago by chance after she and her "sister" Sabine were in hiatus for an unknown period of time, Vanessa is the looser of the two. Desiring not only to serve her purpose, but to also get closer to those she protects as a knight, she has a hidden desire to become more humanlike. Unfortunately, her older sister sees this as simple frivolity. When trying to dissuade her failed, Sabine simply gave up the cause of talking sense into her sister, that their purpose supersedes everything else to take a less direct (and less kind) route. She began distancing herself from Vanessa. Occasionally she even stoops so low as to mock her for her desire. Perhaps this resentment was born when Vanessa was chosen over Sabine for a promotion to captain. Perhaps it's something else.

COMBAT: Vanessa uses a variety of weapons, including swords, spears, axes, and blunt weaponry. Collects many that she has dreamed up and had made.

MAGIC: Dream based, she can alter dreams to fit her desires, pull others into the dreams, enter other people's dreams and create holographic life-size representations of anything she dreams up, though they lack solidity.


SR-5536 "Sabine Rose"

Age: Older than Vanessa/???
Height: Slightly above average
Race: Android

Found at the same time as Vanessa, Sabine is the overachiever. Her only concern is effecintly carrying out her orders, which she does to the letter unless they're from Vanessa. She feels that Vanessa has forgotten her purpose in life and wishes to see that rectified. Overcompetitive to a fault and always striving to be the very best. The fact that Vanessa outranks her may be a slight point of contention between the two.

COMBAT: Primarily uses a very large greatsword


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Vanessa and Sabine Rose [WIP]
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