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 Spymaster's Report: Grace

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PostSubject: Spymaster's Report: Grace   Tue Apr 11, 2017 4:23 pm

Case Study: Grace
Date: November 25th, 2016
Reporter: Spymaster [REDACTED]

Case Summary: A ten year old orphan girl originating from one of the towns wiped out in the "Disappearing Incidents". She appears to be the sole survivor out of every town that's been hit. During my investigation and interrogation, she confessed to being the unwilling cause of the incidents. The Gavin family took the child to Patchouli Knowledge who was able to give some answers. Grace is possessed by some great and unknowable power far beyond a normal person's control, much less a ten year old girl's. Patchouli however has managed to stabilize her power, at least for the time being. Grace is currently learning how to use her power under the care and guidance of the Gavin family, who I believe are going to officially adopt her. They're soft, it seems like something they would do. I have noticed that the couple already seems attached to the girl. I should also note that her horns are real despite the fact that humans don't naturally have them. A cosmetic side effect of her unnatural power perhaps?

Public Perception: Completely unknown. Everyone who potentially could have had any sort of opinion on her is deceased. As far as the public is concerned, she is a normal little girl who likes to wear fake horns. I should reiterate however that her horns are real.

Opinions: With great power comes great security risks. While the Gavins taking her into the capital city is a risky move, so would letting her roam free. In the end I believe there is no correct answer speaking purely from an objective standpoint. Things get considerably weighted in favor of one answer when you consider the emotions of everyone involved. The Gavins are known for being soft so it's the expected move for them to make. I myself am not so heartless as to suggest we let the girl run around with nothing either, nor am I suggesting we kill her. The obvious answer is to just let the situation play out and observe. I have no intention of intervening unless I'm left with no other option, though I will be closely monitoring the situation.

Contingency Plan: In the event Grace becomes unstable once more, the only plan of action available to us is to call for the aid of Patchouli Knowledge once more. She is the only one I'm aware of who may have the knowledge of how to stop Grace in the worst case scenario. I will look into this more thoroughly and check with all my sources, however I make no guarantees. Grace's situation as far as I can tell is unique. As there is no precedent for this, we MUST monitor the situation very carefully.

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Spymaster's Report: Grace
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