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 The Eternals/Jutenshu

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PostSubject: The Eternals/Jutenshu   Wed Apr 19, 2017 9:03 pm

A legendary guild comprised of only 10 members. Those 10 members, however, have all earned a reputation as a fearsome bunch, taking down with ease what takes other guilds 30 or 50 or even 100 members. How much of that is true or how much is just tall tales not many know for sure, and despite being a 'crew', they're rarely seen together, often just off doing their own thing. That being said, they are assuredly a force for peace, even if they operate under mostly unknown ways. Each specializes in a different type of weapon, and could be considered a master of them. They are recognized in both Drachurst and Jipangu, and are known by a different name in each.

[important to note, despite being based off existing characters from you-know-where it's in the picture, the available characters are very much blank slates here and do *not* need to adhere to canon by any means, so don't worry about not knowing the source or whatever. All you really need to know is their name, their appearance, and their weapon of choice, all of which are provided here (also one note I wanted to make about one particular character since they tie into another existing one). Anything else, including personality in spite of a very loose personality being given, is open to change or to any writer's tweaking. Also, two names are provided due to having mostly different names in JP and English, either can be chosen depending on preference]

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The Eternals/Jutenshu
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